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Asphalt Sealcoating Spray Wand - 6' x 3/4"

6' Sealcoat Spray Wand Replacement
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  • Universal Sealcoat Spray Wand
  • Works with any 3/4" hose
  • Includes 80/40 spray tip
  • Perfect for Asphalt Emulsion or Coal Tar Sealer


This is a professional aluminum Asphalt Sealcoating Wand and Spray tip combination to fit most asphalt emulsion or coal tar applications for many Sealcoating Machines.

Please see our Replacement Parts section for a complete selection of tips and accessories.

This Professional Asphalt Sealcoating Wand is a 3/4" X 6' aluminum wand that is *completely assembled and includes a brass gate valve and 3/4" Hose Barb. Your spray wand will include a 80/40 tip but can be ordered with different sizes by calling your salesperson.

We include our "Soft Cushion Grip" as standard with all of our Spray Wands.

Notes on Trigger Spray Wands: Some of the leading competitors offer more expensive trigger style spray wands. To the new guy starting out, this sounds like a great addition. However, through our experience of 20+ years in the sealcoating industry, trigger spray wands tend to quickly wear out over time if they are not properly maintained, regardless of the mechanism inside the wand. While the trigger spray wands are very nice for the first few jobs, they must be cleaned thoroughly which is time consuming, keeping you from other important tasks. Also keep in mind that many of the trigger wands offered, are a smaller diameter which reduces the consistency of the sealer when you spray. These trigger spray wands tend to be only 3' in length, allowing sealcoat overspray closer to your shoes, not to mention the trigger spray wands require a certain amount of force to hold the trigger. 20 minutes of holding onto something tight and you'll wish you didn't have that trigger! Our asphalt sealcoat spray wand is 6' long with a 3/4" diameter stem and produces a healthy spray that is ready for every job, every time with minimal maintenance.

*This wand will be shipped in two pieces when ordering for shipping purposes. (Minor assembly required)

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