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BIG A Portable High Pressure Asphalt Sealing Spray System

image: Asphalt Sealing Spray System
BIG-A Portable High Pressure Sealcoat System | AODD Pump
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Quick Overview: 
  • Portable Sealcoat Spray System
  • Perfect For Small Jobs
  • 55 Gallon Barrels or 275 Gallon Totes
  • Hose & Spray Wand Included
  • High Pressure Sealcoat System


Have you ever wished that you had a Portable High Pressure Asphalt Sealing Spray System that you could move from one tank to another, allowing you to hook up your portable air compressor and use it as a coal tar spray system or emulsion spray system and spray at pressures at or above 125 PSI? Now you can with our Diaphram Pump System. This compact spray system is ideal for moving from one tank to another and will deliver high pressure results for spraying both asphalt emulsion and coal tar emulsion.

This handy spray system is mounted on a sturdy steel frame that includes a full size 1.4 gallon strainer and 11/64 steel basket and a 1" dual diaphragm pump pumping 24 GPM that is ready to be hooked up to your air compressor. The strainer is pre-plumed with a 2" male cam-lock nipple for easy hook-up to your tank. We also include a 1/4" air pressure regulator and an air hose nipple.

This system comes standard with 75' of 250 PSI spray hose and our premium 3/4"X 6' lightweight aluminum spray wand with an 80/40 tip and soft cushion grips and brass ball valve.

A Compatible Air Compressor

We recommend a minimum of a 12 - 13 CFM air compressor to use this spray system. According to, the "Sticker" rated CFM is usually a lot higher than the "True" CFM of an air compressor. (You're buying less than you think...) Truetext will show you how to figure the true CFM of an air compressor but if you don't want to go through those calculations, you can't go wrong with a higher than 13 CFM rated compressor. Having a larger (higher CFM rated) compressor will also reduce the duty cycle of compressing the air which will make the unit work a lot less and last a lot longer.

We sell a Puma air compressor that will work perfect with this unit, however if you're looking to buy an air compressor too, you're honestly better off to look into our Universal Portable Sealcoating System which has an air compressor, a 1" Yamada Pump and a heavy duty strainer that are all included as a package. This unit is ideal though if you already own a compatible air compressor and all you need is a pump and strainer to get started.

About The Pump

This unit comes with a 1" Yamada Professional Pump with seals that can handle abrasive materials such as sand and coal tar. We guarantee it to pump coal tar mixed with sand and it is the primary pump we use on our larger sealcoating spray systems. We rarely have issues from customers using this pump and Yamada is known within the industry as being one of the top pump manufacturers for diaphragm pumps.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if your a novice or a seasoned Asphalt Sealing professional, owning and using a premium asphalt sealing system has never been more affordable or handy and you can always count on Asphalt Sealcoating Direct to bring you the most innovative asphalt sealcoat systems in the industry!


  • Air regulator included

  • Includes 3/4" x 75' 250 psi hose

  • 6' deluxe aluminum spray wand with soft cushion grips

  • Frame mounted for easy portability

  • Large strainer and basket

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1" Dual Diaphragm Yamada

Air Supply Pressure

20 – 100 PSI (1.4 – 7 kfg / cm)


75' x 3/4" 250PSI


1.4 Gallon with 11/64" steel basket

Spray Wand



106 lbs


Shipping Weight
Weight: 104 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 34 in × 20 in × 23 in