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Cold Pour Crack Fill 55 Gallon Air-Powered Drum Pump

image: Yamada Drum Pump
image: Yamada Drum Pump Close Up
image: Drum Pump with hose and wand
55 Gallon Air-Powered Drum Pump
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Quick Overview: 
  • Portable Drop-in Yamada Pump
  • Connects to air compressor (not included)
  • Fits any barrel or tote with 2" hole
  • Hose and spray wand included


An Air-Powered Drum pump is the ideal solution for transfering material out of a 55 gallon barrel.  Whether you're filling cracks with cold pour crack filling solution from a 55 gallon barrel, or transfering paint to 5 gallon buckets, this professional system will last for years and has a great output flow to save time.

Yamada Air-Powered Double Diaphragm Pumps have distinct design advantages that make them very versatile and cost effective drum pumps.

Yamada drum pumps incorporate side liquid ports and utilize a 90 degree elbow on the top of the drum or barrel.

Flow rates up to 28 GPM Intake And Discharge Port Connection Female NPT. Suction Tube Length 33 inches.

You simply slide this drum pump into any barrel that has 2" bung holes, using your own supplied air compressor and this system delivers a consistent PSI at the included spray wand.

Complete system includes 3/4" dual diaphragm pump, 50' 250 PSI spray hose and wand with 1/8" nipple tip and shut-off valve.

Recommended Compressor

This unit does not include a compressor, so you will have to provide one to make it work. The minimum specifications for a compressor that we recommend is one that can deliver 150 PSI and 13.8 GFM as a minimum.


  • 50' X 3/4" 250 PSI Hose

  • 6' Deluxe Aluminum Spray wand

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Tank Capacity

Designed for 55 Gallons (not included)


Self supplied air compressor (not included)


Cold Pour Crack Filler

Spray Hose

50' X 3/4"

Spray Wand



1/8" nipple


Air Supply Pressure

20 to 100 PSI (1.4 to 7 kgf/cm²)

Max Output

28 GPM

Air Inlet

1/4" Female NPT (includes ball valve)

Air Exhaust

3/8" Female NPT (includes silencer)

Diaphragm Material

Buna N

Unit Specifications


45 lbs

Replacement Parts & Accessories

The following are a list of replacement or add-on parts for this product.

Shipping Weight
Weight: 45 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 45 in × 12 in × 12 in