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BIG A PolySkid Econo 125 Driveway Sealcoat Machine

Image: Driveway Sealcoat Machine
Image: Driveway Sealcoat Machine Agitation And Sealer Return
image: filter cap removed
image: Honda + Banjo Industrial Pump
SKU: PolySkidEcono125
BIG A PolySkid Econo 125 Sealcoat Spray System
Quick Overview: 
  • 125 Gallon
  • Made from Poly Materials
  • Re-Circulation Agitation
  • Low Pressure Sealcoat Spray System


Discontinued Note

This product has been discontinued in favor of the BIG A PolySkid Pro 125. Parts and support for this product is still currently available.


This is our BIG A PolySkid Econo 125 Driveway Sealcoat Machine you can afford, to begin your journey into a professional business of sealcoating driveways or small parking lots.

With it's 125 Gallon tank capacity, this system easily slides into the bed of your pick-up truck and is perfect for Part-Time sealcoaters allowing you to remove the system once you're finished with the driveway sealcoat machine.

This sealcoat machine comes complete with our industrial pump with 5.5 HP Honda motor and 50' of 3/4" 150 PSI hose, professional 6' X 3/4" aluminum spray wand complete with cushion-grip handle. It comes with everything you need to spray Asphalt sealcoat on driveways and achieve professional results.

The BIG A PolySkid Econo 125 has re-circulation agitation which helps keep sealer mixed, but it does not perform as well as our hand agitated BIG A PolySkid 125 Pro. For more information on tank agitation systems, take a look at our informational page HERE.

Unique to our BIG A PolySkid Econo 125 is that the pump recirculates sealer back into the bottom of the tank instead of the top of the tank. This keeps the sealer from "Foaming" and helps minimize solids from settling, constantly moving sealer across the tank bottom.

Tank shown here is standard white and can be painted to match your vehicle. This system is the Economy Version of our popular BIG A PolySkidPro 125 Driveway Sealcoat Machine

While the basic tank does come in white or "translucent", the common thought might be that you can see the amount of sealcoat material left in the tank. This is true the very first time you fill the tank, however after the initial use, tank walls will become coated with sealer, making it difficult to see the true amount left in the tank. We recommend that you make sure you have enough sealer to do the job and periodically check the sealer levels.


  • 50' of 3/4" goodyear spray hose

  • 6' x 3/4" aluminum spray wand

  • Spun seamless polyethylene tank 1/4" thick

  • Strainer assembly with 1/4" stainless basket for minimizing tip plug-ups


  • Manual Hose Reel

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Sprays Coal Tar


Sprays Asphalt Emulsion


Pumps Sand


Spray Pressure

65 PSI Max


2 Quart Banjo Poly

Spray Wand

6' Wand With 80/40 Steel Tip Included

Engine Fuel

Unleaded Gasoline



125 Gallons


1/4" Polyethylene

Manway Size

9" Screw-On (Round)

Hand Agitation


Pump Agitation


Hydraulic Agitation


Mechanical Agitation


Standard Setup


5.5 HP Honda



Pump Housing

Cast Iron

Pump Impeller

Cast Iron

Pump Wear Plate

High Quality Steel



50' (Max)


ID 3/4"

Pressure Rating

150 PSI

Standard Hose Reel


Upgrade Hose Reel

Cox Manual Reel

Unit Specifications


60"L x 48"W x 40"H

Empty Weight

245 lbs

*Est. Full Weight

1558 lbs

Additional Notes

*Estimated full weight based on an average 10.5 lbs per gallon of undiluted sealer w/o sand additives. Includes empty weight

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 265 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 60 in × 48 in × 40 in