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BIG A Sealcoating Spray System 275 Gallon IBC Tote ASD275

image: BIG A ASD-275 Overview
Image: Sealcoating Spray System with Honda/Cast Iron Pump
Image: Sealcoating Spray System
Image: Sealcoating Spray System
Image: Sealcoating Spray System
BIG A 275 Gallon IBC Tote Sealcoat Spray System | Transfer Pump
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Liftgate service will move the item from the bed of the truck, to the ground ONLY. You must have a way to handle it on the ground. If you have a forklift, you don't need liftgate service which saves you money.
Quick Overview: 
  • Start up system perfect for small jobs
  • Includes Tote, Hose, Engine/Pump and Spray Wand
  • Low pressure sealcoat spray system (25 - 40PSI)


Our BIG A ASD275 Sealcoating Spray System is perfect if you want to apply asphalt sealcoat yourself or you're just starting an asphalt sealcoating business. These systems are perfect for homeowners with long driveways or large areas of asphalt that needs to be sprayed. It's also a great start-up product for contractors looking to get their feet wet in the business or starting out part-time. If you're on a budget and want to make money, this is a great place to start for the first year.

If you need more information regarding sprayer options, you may want to read Asphalt Sealing System Options to help you understand the differences in equipment selection.

This Sealcoating Spray System incorporates a 275-gallon polyurethane tank on a steel skid making it very durable and the wrap-around safety cage protects the tank from potential damage.

We build this sealcoating spray system for quick set-up and break down by using quick disconnecting hoses which allows you to easily clean and store your sealcoating sprayer.

The BIG A ASD275 seal coat sprayer system uses a 5.5HP Honda motor married to a Banjo cast iron pump which comes standard with a steel wear plate and cast iron steel impeller. This is the biggest cost difference between our system and the competition. Our pump and motor setup will last for years as long as they are properly cleaned out. We tried cheap trash pumps in the past quickly learned that most folks would only get a few jobs done before the seals wore out, especially if they were trying to pump sand or aggregate. We don't have those problems any more using the high-end pump & motor. In fact, it's the same pump and motor we use on our transfer pump polyskid and steelskid units.

This system also comes with hose and wand configuration, allowing you to have the same professional results that our larger systems create at a fraction of the price.

Mixing and agitation will occur by pumping sealcoat liquid from the bottom of the tank to the top of the tank while the pump is running on high RPM. Since the pump comes standard with a high-quality steel wear plate and cast iron impeller, it can handle sand and small aggregate with no problem.

Re-circulation first occurs through the high volume of liquid moved by the pumps cast iron impeller. Secondary mixing takes place when the sealcoat liquid is discharged back into the top of the tank.

This system does not include a strainer however it is available as an additional upgrade option. Read more about the importance of Sealcoat Strainers

The only moving parts in this sealcoating spray system are the industrial pump and motor. All other parts are standard hardware items making it easy to keep your sealcoating sprayer in service and speaking of service, the Honda + Banjo configuration will out-live the typical contractors' use of this system. When you're ready to move up to a larger spray system, you can keep this pump and motor around for transferring from a bulk storage tank.

Our industrial 5.5 HP OHV pump is the preferred pump design when spraying seal coat liquid. We use a cast iron impeller with a mechanical Viton impeller seal making the pump easily repairable in the field. Read more about Sealcoat Pump Selection.

Many pumps of this style are not repairable and use plastic parts. An all-metal pump is a very important consideration if your mixing sand with your sealcoat because of the abrasive nature and viscosity of the material.

Please read our Sealcoating Application Guide for specific instruction on application.

Fact: The OHV valve design chosen for this equipment design is the preferred design because of the durability and increased torque compared to other engines.

This sealcoating sprayer tank can be permanently mounted to any truck bed or trailer using simple U-bolts.

See more Sprayers at

ASD275 F.A.Q. & Specification Overview

  • 5.5 HP Pump operates at 170 GPM re-circulation
    • (Full 275-gallon tank recycles entire contents about once every two minutes)
  • 30-45 psi is delivered at spray wand (depending on pump idle speed and product viscosity) This is the ideal pressure range for reaching the proper spray dispersal of sealcoating liquid.

The 6' x 3/4" Aluminum spray wand includes a brass ball valve and soft cushion grips. Our Sealcoating Sprayer Wand uses an 80/40 stainless steel spray tip (included) and we also include 50ft of high quality 150 PSI chemical resistant 3/4 inch diameter hose.

While many of our customers use sand with this system, we do not recommend the use of sand with this design. The main reason is that the square tank design causes sand to build-up in the tote corners and needs to be cleaned periodically if you don't agitate the material enough. If you do need to use sand or aggregate, we recommend that you keep it well agitated using our 275-gallon tote mixer. You should ideally mix it about once a week to keep the aggregate from settling.

Quick demonstration of how well the system works

Tote Options

No Container (system only)

This gives you everything but the 275 gallon IBC tote if you plan to supply your own. Note: the drain port needs to be 2 inch. Otherwise you will need to source a reducer coupling (we don't currently offer any).

Empty Tote

Includes a 275 gallon empty IBC tote. You will add your own sealcoat sealer.

Who Should Buy These Systems

The BIG A ASD-275 tote system is perfect for new folks entering into the business on a tight budget. The pump and hose system will easily hook up to any 275 gallon tote and they are built with quality parts to last, even if you only plan to use it for a short period.

These systems are also great for home owners with long driveways who need to sealcoat every few years or property maintenance professionals needing to maintain apartment or small strip mall parking lots. Churches and schools can benefit from a system like this as well.

What The Internet Doesn't Tell You

If you've done your due diligence, chances are you've read somewhere that the 275 gallon tote spray systems aren't ideal for spraying sealcoat. These comments are right to a degree. If you can afford a more expensive system, even if it's financed, we highly recommend it. However, if you are on a serious budget or have a once a year job (like a long driveway or maybe a small parking lot) then you might consider going with a less expensive system that will get the job done like this one, the BIG A ASD-275. It's all about what you plan to do with the system. If you're just starting out and don't want to squeegee big parking lots, or if you're doing a few driveways a week on the side, then this system will work just fine and you won't have any problems getting through a summer or two. If you have ambitious goals of doing a few driveways a day, then you might look at one of our more robust systems like the BIG A PolySkid Pro 325

Here's the thing... We aren't trying to say this is an awesome product we're selling for cheap, we're simply offering a very cost effective product that will get the job done for the folks who are in the market for a low cost unit. We've taken care to make sure the product is stable, reliable and built with quality parts, however totes aren't easy to clean without a pressure washer, it isn't easy to mix separated sealer and with that said it isn't easy to add additional sand or water because of the limitations of the tote.

Built with sealcoating in mind, the ASD-275 is designed to have pre-mixed sealer added that is used within a few days. It does have recirculation built into it, but again, it's designed to recirculate pre-mixed material to keep it consistently mixed. Can you add sand and water? Sure! As long as you don't let the mix settle. So, the "guys" on the internet are right in saying that a more robust system is the best route if you plan on doing a lot of sealcoating. What they aren't telling you is that a tote spray system will work perfectly for those of you who need to get the job done but don't have a reason to spend big money on a full time professional rig.

If you're looking at this system and plan to upgrade in the future, use the pump kit as a transfer pump later. It's a great portable system that can have a lot of uses for other areas. Use it to transfer sealer from a storage tank to your spray rig. Use it to transfer water. Use it as a low pressure car wash. The possibilities are endless, which means the guys on the internet, are only thinking about "starting a business" when they down talk one of these types of systems. At the end of the day, you may or may not be in the market for one of these and that's OK! We just ask that you make up your own mind and consider the facts over opinion.

Additional Info

The Totes are refurbished with new components specifically designed to hook up to our hose kit and pump and shipped with steel or wood pallet that is mounted to tote cage.

Please read our How-To Guide on: How To Sealcoat Spray Application Guide

*Note: Tank and Pump style may vary however specifications remain the same and some assembly required.
*Shipping offer applies to customers in the North 48 Continental USA States only. Please call us for details if you live outside this area

Assembly Instructions


  • Deluxe aluminum spray wand with soft cushion grips and 80/40 tip

  • 50' of 3/4" spray hose

  • All metal pump with cast iron impeller

  • Heavy duty Kanaflex hose that won't easily collapse

  • 2" poly Banjo Cam-Lock fittings on discharge and suction hoses


  • Banjo Poly Line Strainer with 6 mesh stainless replaceable filter

  • Portable low pressure system Flush Kit

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Tank Capacity

275 Gallons

Engine Fuel

Unleaded Gasoline

Pumps Sand


Sprays Coal Tar


Sprays Asphalt Emulsion


Spray Hose

50' X 3/4"

Spray Wand


Engine & Pump Specifications


5.5 HP Industrial Honda GX


2" Hypro / Banjo

Pump Housing

Cast Iron

Impeller Material

Cast Iron

Wear Plate Material

High Quality Steel

Spray Pressure

45 PSI Max

Unit Specifications

Dry Weight

220 lbs


60" W x 48" L x 48" H


Shipping Weight
Weight: 220 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 60 in × 48 in × 48 in