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BIG A Sealcoat Edge Machine Asphalt Edger

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image: Sealcoat Edge Machine In Use
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BIG A Sealcoat Edge Sprayer Attachment
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Quick Overview: 
  • Sealcoat edges with ease
  • Attaches to existing sealcoat rig
  • Sealcoat Sprayer in a box
  • Standard tip thread for easy replacement


Use our BIG A Sealcoat Edge Machine to easily apply sealer next to asphalt edges and curbs.

If you have ever tried to spray close to curbs and buildings, then you have probably over-sprayed and misted sealcoat on a structure that wasn't supposed to have sealcoat on it. Sealcoat edging can be an art in itself and unless you've spent years perfecting your sealcoat "painting" skills, you can end up spending more time cleaning buildings or concrete where you over sprayed or spread the sealcoat. Save yourself time by using a sealcoat edging machine and get the job done right the first time.

Cutting-In is always the job nobody wants because it's tedious and slow. We have a solution for this job and it makes fast work out of sealcoat edging using our asphalt edger.

Our BIG A Sealcoat Edge Machine will easily allow one man to trim and edge much faster than using a broom or hand squeegee. Simply turn on the valve and pull the Squeegee Box right next to curbs, lawn or buildings.

As you can see from the video, sealer is pumped into the squeegee box where it's completely contained and then applied and smoothed by the attached squeegee.

This design eliminates overspray and allows for close Cut-In but also allows you to move very quickly. In fact, you will probably want to use your Sealcoat Edge Machine as the only application tool you use for smaller or narrow jobs where you don't want to spray.

The complete system only weighs 55 LBS and incorporates a collapsible handle making it easy to store. It also includes a "Quick Disconnect" for easy and fast tool replacement. Replacement Squeegee Blades are available HERE.


  • Replaceable Rubber Squeegees

  • All Steel Construction

  • Detachable handle


Unit Specifications

Net Weight

55 lbs



Spray Tip

Standard 3/8" sealcoat tip

Sealer Sand

Can spray with sand in sealcoat sealer

Squeegee Path


Unit Width


Replacement Parts & Accessories

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 55 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 26 in × 26 in × 18 in