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BIG A PolySkid Pro 125 Driveway Sealcoating Machine

image: Sealcoating System 125 Gallon Compact with Honda / Banjo
image: Sealcoating System 125 Gallon Compact with Honda/ Banjo
image: Sealcoating System 125 Gallon Compact with Honda/ Banjo
Image: Sealcoating System with optional reel mounted low
SKU: PolySkidPro125
BIG A PolySkid Pro 125 Sealcoat Spray System
Quick Overview: 
  • 125 Gallon
  • Made from Poly Materials
  • Re-Circulation & Built-in Manual Agitation
  • Low Pressure Sealcoat Spray System


This compact asphalt sealcoating system incorporates all of the great features that our larger PolySkid asphalt Sealcoating System offers but it's much smaller and compact allowing you to fit the entire system into the back of a compact pickup.

Our PolySkidPro 125 uses a 125 gallon Hand Agitated polyethylene tank mounted on a full steel skid making it very "Anti Tip" resistant. The sealcoating system tank opening is 9" and comes with a vented cap.

Our tanks are 1/4" thick for maximum durability.

We use our industrial 5.5 HP Honda Engine with cast iron Hypro / Banjo transfer pump for maximum durability allowing you to pump abrasive mixtures and we build the agitation system using a 1" shaft and bearings.

The strainer on this asphalt sealcoating system, uses an .06 screen helping to protect the 80/40 spray tip (Included) from clogging.

Also included is 50' of 3/4" 150 PSI oil resistant spray hose and a 6' x 3/4" Aluminum spray wand with one 80/40 tip and brass shut-off valve. This system easily fits into the bed of a 1/2 ton pickup with room to spare for your tool box and equipment.

The PolySkidPro 125 asphalt sealcoating system is perfect for the weekend business owner that specializes in small driveway jobs, small parking lots or walkways.

Dimensions for system with added Hose Reel: 65"L X 48"W X 46"T


1 Year Limited

This product comes with a 1 year (12 month) limited warranty from the time of purchase.

Parts that are not explicitly made by this manufacturer, may come with a different warranty period or policy. See this products respective operations manual for a detailed version of the warranty policy and a full list of items that are covered or may become void due to improper maintenance.


  • Paddle PolyRake with continuous pump circulation for maximum material agitation

  • Easy-Clean tank strainer with stainless steel screen to help eliminate plugged spray tips

  • 50' X 3/4" spray hose

  • 3/4" x 6' deluxe aluminum spray wand with cushion grips

  • 80/40 multi-purpose spray tip

  • 9" Lid

  • 2" Kanaflex oil resistant re-circulation hoses with camlock fittings

  • Designed for coal tar, asphalt emulsion, acrylic sealer and latex sealers


  • 16" x 16" Steel Manway for larger access hole

  • Cox Hand Crank Hose Reel

  • 3:1 Gear Reduction Manual Agitation (Standard is 1:1)

  • Extra 2" inlet / outlet port; NTP female threaded - Call for custom placement no extra charge otherwise placed opposite of standard port

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Sprays Coal Tar


Sprays Asphalt Emulsion


Pumps Sand


Spray Pressure

45 PSI Max


2 Quart Banjo Poly

Spray Wand

6' Wand With 80/40 Steel Tip Included

Engine Fuel

Unleaded Gasoline



125 Gallons


1/4" Polyethylene

Manway Size

9" Screw-On (Round)

Hand Agitation


Pump Agitation


Hydraulic Agitation


Pump & Engine


5.5 HP Industrial Honda GX


2" Hypro / Banjo

Pump Housing

Cast Iron

Pump Impeller

Cast Iron

Pump Wear Plate

High Quality Steel



50' (Max)


ID 3/4"

Pressure Rating

150 PSI

Standard Hose Reel


Upgrade Hose Reel

Cox Manual Reel

Unit Specifications


60"L x 48"W x 40"H

Empty Weight

455 lbs

*Est. Full Weight

1,613 lbs

Additional Notes

*Estimated full weight based on an average 10.5 lbs per gallon of undiluted sealer w/o sand additives. Includes empty weight


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Shipping Weight
Weight: 550 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 60 in × 48 in × 40 in