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BIG-A Universal Sealcoat Tank Hose Kit

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Portable Universal Sealcoat System | Transfer Pump
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Quick Overview: 
  • Universal with almost any gravity fed tank
  • Motor, Pump, Hose & Spray Wand Included
  • Low pressure sealcoat spray system (25 - 40PSI)

Special Engine Note

Due to supply chain issues with Honda engines, we are temporarily using the Kohler SH Series SH265 as an alternative. It is unknown how long the Kohler engines will be used and we are expecting to swap back to the Honda engines once they become readily available. It could be late 2021, it could be 1st or 2nd quarter 2022. Please note this when viewing the information on this page that reference the Honda engines and the images showing the Honda engine. We are keeping the Honda references for when those engines are used again which is anybody's guess.


The ASD-PK Sealcoat Tank Hose Kit is a universal kit that includes everything you need (except the tank) to sealcoat like the pros.

It is specially designed for tote tanks like our Refurbished 275 Gallon Tote, but it can be used on virtually any type of tank. If you can put sealcoat sealer in it, you can pump it with this kit! This kit includes our 5.5 HP industrial Honda motor & banjo pump.  The only exception is for 55-gallon barrels which we recommend checking out our 55-gallon barrel pump for those applications.

This powerful pump is capable of recirculating sealer at 170 gallons per minute which creates excellent sealer agitation while the pump is run on high rpm. Recirculation occurs first through the high volume of liquid moved by the pump's cast iron impeller. Secondary mixing takes place when the sealcoat liquid is discharged back into the top of the tank from the return line.

Watch the video below for information on our pump selection

Included With Kit

Here is everything you will receive with this kit:

  • 5.5 HP industrial Motor & Pump
  • 50' of 3/4" spray hose
  • 6' 3/4" deluxe aluminum spray wand (two piece)
  • 2" Kanaflex tank suction hose
  • 2" Kanaflex discharge hose
  • 2" 90 degree elbow (for the top of your tote if needed)

This Sealcoat Tank Hose Kit can easily be assembled in a few minutes and disassembled quickly for cleaning and storage.

Some assembly may be required

Assembly Instructions


  • 2" Kanaflex oil resistant hoses that won't kink or collapse

  • Includes 6' Deluxe Aluminum Spray Wand with 80/40 tip


  • Banjo Poly Line Strainer with 6 mesh stainless replaceable filter

  • Portable low pressure system Flush Kit

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Tank Capacity

Pump from any capacity (tank not included)

Engine Fuel

Unleaded Gasoline

Pumps Sand


Sprays Coal Tar


Sprays Asphalt Emulsion


Spray Hose

50' X 3/4"

Spray Wand


Engine & Pump Specifications


5.5 HP Industrial Honda GX


2" Banjo - 200POI

Pump Housing

Cast Iron

Pump Type

Cast Iron Impeller w/ Stainless Steel Wear Plate

Spray Pressure

45 PSI Max


Shipping Weight
Weight: 95 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 22 in × 22 in × 10 in