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Payments & Financing

Online & Phone Payment Options

Payment is expected in full at the time of purchase.  If you want to mix payment options, please call in your order +1(800) 689-2098

Major Debit / Credit Cards

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • AMEX (American Express)
  • Diners Club
  • JCB


  • Paypal Account
  • Paypal Credit Card Processor

ACH & Bank Transfers

  • Automatic and Manual Bank ACH (Accepted online and via phone orders)
  • Bank Transfer / Wires (Accepted via phone orders only)

Cashier / Bank Checks

  • Note: Shipment or work-to-be-performed will be held until the check has been received and the funds have been properly verified.  Allow 3-7 business days for mail delivery or you are welcome to overnight the check.  Please call for details +1(800) 689-2098

Purchase Orders

Yes! We accept purchase orders! But only if your organization is a City/Municipality or Schools (K-College). Call +1(800) 689-2098 or email us for details

Statement Descriptions

When you buy with a Credit Card or Debit Card from this site, keep an eye out for the following possible statement descriptors:

M&M ASD 1(800)689-2098


Financing Options

Many of our customers ask for financing so we've listened and partnered with Ascentium Capital for small and large financing needs. Ascentium Capital offers conventional loans at excellent rates for those with high credit scores and if you're in the mediocre credit area, you might still qualify for a conventional loan.

If your credit isn't so great on the other hand, Ascentium Capital has 3rd-Party lenders they can check into for high-interest leases which can help out on taxes. Buy singles or buy bundles of equipment. This means you can get more than one piece of equipment as long as you are approved for an amount that will cover the total cost.

Mix and match any of the equipment you would like to purchase and in most cases, you can also finance material as long as the bulk purchase is for a piece of equipment. Simply add everything to cart and hit the "apply" button on your shopping cart to get an application going for the full cart. Easy and Done.

PLEASE NOTE: When manually filling out an application, be sure to pad the financial request amount for shipping and incidentals. If you have any questions or want exact financing figures before applying, don't hesitate to call +1(800) 689-2098 or email us. (All financing is subject to credit approval.)

Ascentium Capital

Ascentium Capital offers conventional loans to approved applicants and extends lease options for lower credit ratings. Unlike many financial equipment lenders, Ascentium Capital lends direct when possible, meaning they are the bank. Other financial firms are simply brokers and send your application to the first company willing to lend. This puts Ascentium Capital in a position to offer better rates and close faster.

Ascentium Capital Rep:
Jason Holtz
Finance Manager
(281) 883-0127