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2" Poly Line Tank Y Strainer (Camlock Cap Style) - LSQ200-06

SKU: SI-LSQ200-06
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  • 2" Strainer & housing"
  • For use on our PolySkid systems
  • Stainless Steel 6 mesh strainer screen
2" PolySkid "Y" Strainer & Housing (Camlock Cap Style)
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This is the 2" Banjo Poly Line Strainer we use on many of our PolySkid, PolySkid Pro and PolySkid Super systems, as well as our portable systems.

The LSQ200-06 includes a 6 mesh stainless steel screen with cam lock cap and a 3/4 plug in cam lever cap for attaching ball valve for draining or backflushing.

This item is an upgrade option for the following low-pressure systems:

ASD-275 | BIG A 275 Gallon Tote Kit

ASD-PBK | BIG A Pump & 55 Gallon Barrel Kit

ASD-PK | BIG A Universal Pump Kit

Cap Installation Trick

If you've never used a camlock style fitting before, you'll learn real quick they are sometimes hard to install if you don't use a little trick.

When you lift the first lever up, it goes super easy because there's no friction. When you get to the second and third levers, however, you have to man-handle them to lock it. If you like man-handling stuff then by all means, do one lever at a time but if you don't like hurt fingers and busted knuckles, read on.

We've learned a much easier way that is not only faster but guarantees you won't bust a knuckle trying to lift the levers.

Instead of fully locking one lever at a time, start the first one until it's snug, then move on to the second and lift until snug, then move onto the third. Continue rotating until all levers are fully locked. Its kind of the same concept of using a star pattern on the lug nuts of a car wheel.

What happens when you fully lock one lever is that the cap ends up being tilted off center. This causes the other levers to have to "work harder" to fill the gap. By doing each lever a small step at a time, you ensure the cap stays level, making it a 100 times easier to install the cap and keeps you from getting hurt.


  • 2" threaded metal nipple



Inlet / Outlet Size




Strainer Screen

6 Mesh Stainless Steel

Pressure Rating

75 PSI Maximum

Cap Style


Cap Flush

3/4" Screw Drain Plug

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Weight: 4 lb
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Dimensions: 12 in × 8 in × 12 in