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2 Inch Banjo Self Priming Centrifugal Cast Iron Pump - 200POI

2022 Notice: While supply chain problems are better than last year, we anticipate them to continue for 2022. Please expect some delays. view details

image: 2" Banjo Pump
image: 2" Banjo Pump Front
image: 2" Banjo Pump Front Left
image: 2" Banjo Pump Left
image: 2" Banjo Pump Left Rear
image: 2" Banjo Pump Rear
image: 2" Banjo Pump Right Rear
image: 2" Banjo Pump Right
image: 2" Inlet & Outlet Ports
image: 2" Banjo Pump Shaft
image: 2" Banjo Pump Showing Keyed Colar
image: 2" Banjo Pump Keyed Colar
image: Banjo Pump Lower Drain Plug
image: Hypro / Banjo Cast Iron Pump Impeller
2" Cast Iron Banjo Pump
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Quick Overview: 
  • Industrial 2" Banjo Pump
  • Housing made from Cast Iron
  • Wear-plate made from stainless steel


The Banjo 200POI industrial self-priming centrifugal pump is a cast iron pump used on our transfer pump PolySkid systems.

The Banjo 200POI pump uses a 2" NPT Inlet / Outlet manifold flange and comes standard with the 5" cast iron impeller with high-quality steel shaft and wear plate.

This centrifugal pump is easily serviceable and repair parts are readily available minimizing your downtime.

With its high-quality steel wear plate, it allows you to pump heavier abrasive material without risk of damage and provides a longer wear time.

All parts included and fit 3/4" horizontal keyed shaft engine like the Honda 5.5 HP industrial motor.

We have sold this setup for well over a decade and had extremely good luck with service and longevity provided the pump housing is properly flushed during seasonal use, they are not run dry (ALWAYS Prime the pump before use) and they are not pumping sealers with hardeners that cause extremely high viscosities.

Connecting to a Honda GX160 Engine

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Cast Iron


Cast Iron

Wear Plate

High Quality Steel


Viton /w carbon washer, ceramic stationary & stainless steel spring & housing

Mount Point

Fits 3/4" horizontal keyed shaft engine

Max Output Pressure

40 PSI

Max Flow @ 40 PSI

19 gpm

Inlet / Outlet Size

2" NPT


Shipping Weight
Weight: 50 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 16 in × 15 in × 15 in