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Marshalltown 36 Inch Straight Blade Sealcoat Squeegee RED700245

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Closeup of the Marshalltown straight 36 inch squeege
SKU: RED700245
Marshalltown 36" Sealcoat Squeegee | Straight Blade
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Quick Overview: 
  • 36" width and straight blade design
  • Great for general asphalt sealcoat sealing
  • Aluminum and steel construction
  • Includes 60" wooden handle


The Marshalltown 36" Straight Blade Sealcoat Squeegee is perfect for parking lots and includes a replaceable 60" wood handle. This squeegee perfect for Parking Lot sealcoating and Driveway sealcoat applications. The Straight Blade design allows for easy cleaning and streak-free application.

Our wooden handled Sealcoat Squeegee offers replacement Neoprene blades and with its wide blade, is perfect for parking lot sealcoating.

This straight blade squeegee provides an alternate choice in conventional sealcoating squeegee application. This well built medium blade, hard wood-handled Parking Lot Squeegee also incorporates a replaceable rubber blade.

This is one of our best sellers because of its durability and it can be used for more than one application. It stays flexible after many uses if kept in a Squeegee Brush Tank.

While we find it best used for parking lot sealcoat jobs, there's no reason this squeegee can't also be used on a driveway or any asphalt surface that needs sealcoat sealer.

Constructed of aluminum and steel for strength and durability with a replaceable handle, this squeegee provides a mark-free finish of sealer from start to finish!

Help Me Choose!

If you're a seasoned sealcoater, you probably already know the size that works best for you. But, if you are a new sealcoater or homeowner, you might need a little help deciding on the right size so we'll give our personal recommendation.

24" Squeegee - The 24" Squeegee is honestly on the small side of sealcoat squeegees and can be a little more difficult to work with. We recommend this squeegee if you have a lot of "cut in" areas like car stops or odd angles and while it is perfectly usable in big areas, you'll wish you had wider.

36" Squeegee - Our 36" Squeegee is our preferred squeegee of choice. It has just enough length to efficiently push around material and it isn't a pain to work with. If you were having problems deciding on a size, this is the one we'd recommend.


  • Both the 60" wooden handle and the actual blade, are fully replaceable.




60" Wooden








Aluminum & Steel









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Dimensions: 64 in × 4 in × 7 in