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Low Pressure Portable System Flush Kit

ASD-PK | ASD-PBK | ASD-275 Flush Kit
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Quick Overview: 
  • Makes system flushing easy
  • Designed to quickly flush hoses and pumps
  • Especially designed for our ASD-PK, ASD-PBK and ASD-275


The Fresh Water Flush Kit is designed to be used with the following sealcoating systems:


This kit is installed in the suction hose and allows the user to flush the pump and spray system after sealcoating is complete.

Kit includes all of the necessary parts, and requires a minor amount of assembly to the system.

This kit makes system clean-up very easy and helps prolong the life of the pump as well.

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Weight: 16 lb
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Dimensions: 24 in × 24 in × 10 in