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Marshalltown Pull Style Cold Pour Asphalt Crack V-Squeegee RED700994

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Overview of the Marshalltown low temp black neoprene pull v-squeegee
SKU: RED700994
Marshalltown Crack V-Squeegee | Low Temp Black Neoprene | Pull | Single
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Quick Overview: 
  • Great for cold pour crack material
  • Pull style crack squeegee
  • Includes wooden handle
  • Sold as single quantities


The Marshalltown Asphalt Crack V Squeegee comes complete with 54" wooden handle and is a "Pull" design.

The rubber blade is easily replaced and is available in black neoprene with low-temperature ratings of 220° F (104° C) for use with cold pour crack fillers.

This Squeegee looks like our Reversible Squeegee but does not have a reversible handle.

Alternative Part Number: 25714


  • "Pull" design

  • Easy replaceable rubber blade

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54" Wooden

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the diference bewteen U and V shaped squeegees?

If you're new to the crack filling industry you've probably seen V-shaped and U-shaped squeegees. At the end of the day, they both do the exact same job but each has its own pros and cons.

V-shaped squeegees hold less volume of material within the tool, but because of the wide V shape, it can create a nice wide "band" on either side of the crack but this band can vary between 3" to 5", depending on how much material is in the squeegee area when you spread the material. This variance is great for different width cracks though.

U-shaped squeegees typically hold a little more volume of material but have a consistent banding width when spreading material. Each brand or model of u-squeegee you buy will have a slightly different banding width but most of them are around 4". These squeegees are usually limited to smaller cracks because you can't get proper banding if the crack is too wide.

In either case, if the crack is wider than 1", you should look at using mastic filler or something like Trowelpave instead of crack filling rubber.

So which one should you buy? For a lot of people, it simply comes down to personal preference because both types will get the job done.

Can I use the black neoprene squeegee with hot crack filler?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is you will throw your money away faster if you only use the black neoprene squeegees. They are generally rated between 180 and 220 degrees F and your typical hot pour crack filler is put down around 325 - 375 degrees F. The neoprene wears out faster becaues the bottom will split over time if you have guys that don't take care of them.

Compared to the red silicone blades, you don't have the split problem so they last longer which saves you money in replacing not only the blades themselves, but the labor it takes to replace the blades. The other problem with using hot materials on the black neoprene is that it becomes a lot more difficult to remove the rubber from the blade for cleaning. The dried, cooled rubber peels right off of the red silicone blades but sticks to the black neoprene. Cold pour crack fillers on the other hand are usually water-based so washing off the left-over material from black neoprene is no big deal.

If you're doing hot crack filler, you should use a high temp rated silicone squeegee blade. If you're doing cold pour only, black is fine. If you're doing both hot and cold, you can't go wrong with the red.

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