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2" Poly Line Tank Y Strainer (Camlock Cap Style)

SKU: SI-LSQ200-06
2" PolySkid "Y" Strainer & Housing (Camlock Cap Style)


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Quick Overview: 
  • 2" Strainer & housing"
  • For use on our PolySkid systems
  • Stainless Steel 6 mesh strainer screen
  • 2" Poly Line Strainer with 6 Mesh Strainer Screen

    This is the 2" Poly Line Strainer we use in our PolySkid, PolySkid Pro and PolySkid Super systems.

    Includes a 6 mesh stainless steel screen with cam lock cap.

    3/4 plug in cam lever cap for attaching ball valve for draining or back flushing


    Inlet / Outlet Size: 
    Strainer Screen: 
    6 Mesh Stainless Steel
    Pressure Rating: 
    75 PSI Maximum
    Cap Style: 
    Cap Flush: 
    3/4" Screw Drain Plug

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    Image: Poly Line Strainer Replacement Screen Poly Tank Strainer Replacement $39.99

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