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Rynoworx 10 Gallon Hot Rubber Asphalt Walk Behind Crack Filler RY10MA-ELITE

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Overview image of the Rynoworx RY10MA-Elite Melter
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RynoWorx 10 Gallon Elite Hot Crack Rubber Push Melter
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Quick Overview: 
  • 10 gallon capacity
  • Revolutionary redesigned leakproof valve
  • Digital thermometer
  • Electronic ignition from the dashboard
  • Easy to use agitation handle


Looking for the best of the best when it comes to hot rubber asphalt walk behind crack fillers?  The new Rynoworx RY10MA-ELITE is the newest edition of push melters by Rynoworx that has become the new standard for walk-behind crack fillers.

The RY10MA-ELITE is built on the same great platform as the PRO model but comes with a revolutionary valve that is designed to stop the age-old problem of leaky valves.  The new valve is made from cast stainless steel with a machined beveled seat, making it the most advanced crack filling machine valve in the industry to date.

Also new to the RY10MA-ELITE is a new ignition system and huge digital thermometer that are all mounted on the new dashboard for easy access.  The idea for this design was to make the machine as easy to use as possible.  Competitor models still utilize a low-efficiency torch for heating and they have to be lit by hand, then adjusted before inserting into the machine.  Compare that to the new Elite, the burner is a high-efficiency burner setup that saves you fuel and comes with a Pizzo electric starter which means you rarely have to pull the burner assembly out of the melter.  You literally pull your Elite walk-behind crack filler off the trailer, open the propane bottle and push a button.  That's it!

With the new digital thermometer, you can get accurate readings of the hot rubber temperature at a quick glance.  The display is crazy large and super easy to look at.  By moving to a digital thermometer, the RY10MA-ELITE doesn't suffer from bouncing gauge needles that the competitors use.

Also new with the elite is a small quality of life addition which are two lifting handles at the front of the machine.  This gives you an easy way for two people to lift the machine onto a truck or trailer.

For the regular specs, the RY10MA-ELITE hot rubber asphalt walk-behind crack filler boasts the same popular four wheel design as the PRO model, an agitation handle that is accessible from the handle-bars and heavy steel construction for maximum durability.

When looking at what you get with the Elite vs the competition or even the other crack filling machines made by Rynoworx, you'll see that the new Elite is a step above everything else.






10 Gallon

Fuel Type


Heat Type

Direct Fire Burner



14 Ga Steel

Wheel Thickness


Front Wheel

Dual Casters

Rear Wheel

Ball Bearing


Propane Regulator




Propane Hose




Electric Ignition


Propane Bottle


Unit Specifications

Net Weight




Shipping Weight
Weight: 140 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 30 in × 30 in × 40 in