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5 Gallon DTM Polycoat Water Based Line Striping Clear Coat Paint

image representation of a 5 gallon bucket of PolyCoat clear coat
5 Gallon DTM Polycoat Water Based Clear Coat
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Quick Overview: 
  • Clear Coat for parking or warehouse lines
  • Works on asphalt or concrete, streets, curbs, parking lots or warehouses
  • No thinning required making it ready-to-use
  • Extremely durable


Get a 5 gallon pail of DTM Polycoat water based clear coat for line striping paint. Clear coats extend the life of your lines, protecting the paint from dirt and marks.  The DTM Polycoat is a tough, durable polyurethane clear paint coating that is easy to use and self-curing.  You can use the Polycoat clear coat paint for both indoor or outdoor use which makes it perfect for clearing both parking lot lines or warehouse lines.

Being a waterbased product, the Polycoat is a non-flammable clear coat line paint with low odor that is super easy to mix, spray and cleanup.

The DTM Polycoat dries fast to give you a tough gloss clear coating that can be used as a protective coating on paints applied to asphalt or concrete surfaces leaving you with a clear paint protective top coat for your finished product.

DTM Polycoat contains high solids and high resin content to yield a very tough, durable, weather resistant, chalk resistant, chip resistant, rust resistant coating when dry.


  • CLEAR, water-based, non-flammable, low odor, low VOC, Fast Dry, High Solids

  • Polyurethane Resin for exterior Durability, Good Adhesion, Flexibility, Non-chalking, Chip and Flake resistant

  • Paint / Coat directly over concrete, wood, metal surfaces without need for elaborate surface preparation

  • Paint over already painted surfaces as a clear, compatible clear protective top coating

  • Top coating protects base coat against weathering, scratching, chipping, staining, tire marks, dirt pick up

  • High Performance, easy to use, no need of mixing two components as with 2C catalyzed polyurethanes

  • Contains no lead, chromium or harmful CFC's

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