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HotShot 2800 Pro Asphalt Crack Heat Lance

Overview of the HotShot 2800 asphalt crack heat lance
image: Asphalt Crack Heat Lance Side View
image: Asphalt Crack Heat Lance Rear Side View
image: Asphalt Crack Heat Lance Waist Harness (Subaru Engine)
Closeup of the HotShot 2800 digital tachometer hourmeter
image: Asphalt Crack Heat Lance In Use (Subaru Engine)
Image: Asphalt Crack Heat Lance
image: Asphalt Crack Heat Lance Rear View (Subaru Engine)
image: Asphalt Crack Heat Lance and Melter Applicator
Hotshot 2800 right side
SKU: HotShot2800pro

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HotShot 2800 Pro Crack Heat Lance
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Quick Overview: 
  • Clean asphalt cracks with ease
  • 2800º F high pressure air
  • Etches the crack for better rubber adhesion
  • Easily operated by one person


The HotShot2800 Pro Asphalt Crack Heat Lance makes cleaning asphalt cracks fast and easy. The HotShot2800 Pro is a premium Asphalt Crack Hot Air Lance, intended for parking lot professionals. This incredible compact but powerful Asphalt Crack Lance blows hot air which cleans and dries the asphalt crack, preparing it for Hot Crackfiller or Cold Crack Filler.

Unlike other asphalt crack cleaners, this Asphalt Crack Heat Lance combines fuel and air from it's built-in compressor and LP Bottle giving the operator maximum high heat hot air crack cleaning ability.

Our Asphalt Crack Heat Lance delivers an unbelievable blast of pressurized 2,800 Degree Hot Air from it's tip, easily cleaning stubborn debris and vegetation from cracks in asphalt.

It's easy to deep clean asphalt cracks with this asphalt crack cleaner and because of the extreme high temperature hot air it delivers, it allows for the most effective and best overall method for deep asphalt crack cleaning. The nice thing about it, you can clean a crack and not have to use a broom to remove all of the debris created from a wire wheel crack cleaner or the manual crack hoe.

Read more on Filling Asphalt Cracks and the importance of proper preparation.

Combine the etching effect you get with the intense heat and the high pressure hot air blast and you can imagine how effective this asphalt crack heat lance can be.

In 2023 we added a digital tachometer with hourmeter to this already awesome machine to give you a better idea of how fast the engine is running and how many hours you have for servicing and maintenance needs.

When compared to compressed air cleaning only, nearly any asphalt repair professional will tell you that cleaning asphalt cracks using an asphalt crack lance will out perform "air only" crack cleaning. This is because an air compressor can actually blow moisture from the compressor tank into the crack and cold compressed air won't remove vegetation like 2,800 degree hot air.

By super heating the crack, you virtually dry out the crack and heat the asphalt to allow for optimal sealer adhesion. If you have a team of two, combine this asphalt hot air crack lance with our BIG A 10 Gallon Push Melter to quickly clean and fill cracks in no time flat.

Please contact us if you need more information regarding this lance and combine it with other Asphalt Repair Equipment for an added discount.

Safety goggles are recommended when using this crack cleaner because of the debris that will be blown from the crack!

Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Occasionally, the ASD HotShot 2800 will require a few tweaks in order to work properly. We've put together a short video that outlines the most common issues and how to easily overcome them.

Watch how to troubleshoot and maintain the HS2800

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Pull Start Engine


Electric Start Engine



  • Cleans with 2800º F high pressure air

  • Single man operation

  • All in one design, no need for multiple pieces of equipment

  • Push/Pull chassis

  • Electronic lance ignition

  • Front lockable swivel wheel

  • Digital Tachometer and Hourmeter


  • 6HP Electric Start Industrial Honda Engine (Includes Battery)

  • Additional 15' lance hose

  • 30 lb Liquid Propane Bottle

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5.5 HP Industrial Honda GX


Cast Iron single stage air compressor

Hose Length


Net Weight

241 lbs

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Overview of the HotShot 2800 asphalt crack heat lance Image: Hot Air Lance
HotShot2800pro 45650


5.5 HP Industrial Honda GX


Cast Iron single stage air compressor

Hose Length


Net Weight

241 lbs


Air Temperature

400ºF - 2600ºF

Exit Air Velocity

Up to 3000 ft per second

Input Rating

1,000,000 BTU

Fuel Type


Fuel Consumption

10 lbs per hour @20 PSI

Propane Requirements

5 - 30 PSI

Compressed Air Requirements

60 - 100 CFM

Net Weight

9.2 lbs

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 241 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 52 in × 19 in × 35 in