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5 Gallon Polycoat Solvent Based Line Striping Clear Coat Paint

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5 Gallon Polycoat Solvent Based Clear Coat
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Quick Overview: 
  • Clear Coat for parking or warehouse lines
  • Works on asphalt or concrete, streets, curbs, parking lots or warehouses
  • No thinning required making it ready-to-use
  • Extremely durable


Get a 5 gallon pail of Polycoat solvent based clear coat for line striping paint. Clear coats extend the life of your lines, protecting the paint from dirt and marks. Polycoat is a tough, durable polyurethane clear paint coating that is easy to use and self-curing. You can use the Polycoat clear coat paint for both indoor or outdoor use which makes it perfect for clearing both parking lot lines or warehouse lines.

Being a solvent based product, the Polycoat is a flammable clear coat line paint with moderate odors that is super easy to mix and spray. Cleanup is easy with a solvent cleaner such as Toulene or Mineral Spirits.

The Polycoat dries fast to give you a tough gloss clear coating that can be used as a protective coating on paints applied to asphalt or concrete surfaces leaving you with a clear paint protective top coat for your finished product.

Polycoat contains high solids and high resin content to yield a very tough, durable, weather resistant, chalk resistant, chip resistant, rust resistant coating when dry.

Being a FLAMMABLE product, please use caution and safety procedures when handling this product.


  • CLEAR, Fast Dry, Solvent Base with High Solids

  • Polyurethane Resin for exterior Durability, Good Adhesion, Flexibility, Non-chalking, Chip and Flake resistant

  • Paint / Coat directly over concrete, wood, metal surfaces without need for elaborate surface preparation

  • Paint over already painted surfaces as a clear, compatible clear protective top coating

  • Top coating protects base coat against weathering, scratching, chipping, staining, tire marks, dirt pick up

  • High Performance, easy to use, no need of mixing two components as with 2C catalyzed polyurethanes




5 Gallon

Weight Per Gallon

7.3 – 7.5 lbs

Base Compound

Solvent / Oil



Slick When Wet


Federal Specification



Fast Drying


Yes (No thinning needed)


Lineal Coverage Per Gallon

900 - 1,200 lineal feet @ 4” wide line

Lineal Coverage Per Container

4,500 - 6,000 lineal feet @ 4” wide line

Area Coverage Per Gallon

300 - 400 sq ft

Area Coverage Per Container

1,500 - 2,000 sq ft

Drying Time

@ 77 deg. 50% relative humidity, dry to touch 3 hours max

Dry Through

Overnight (dries hard)


Paint Thinner, Mineral Spirits


Resin Type

Acrylic co-polymer Resins


90 - 100 KU.

Dry Opacity

5 mils Bird, .96 min.

Flash Point

ND, Flammable



Keep away from Heat or Sparks

Shipping Weight
Weight: 60 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 14 in × 14 in × 16 in