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Crack Repair Parts & Accessories

Replacement parts and accessories for our asphalt crack repair products.

image: Crack Squeegee Replacement Rubber

RED704916 / EDI: 25725

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  • Neoprene replacement rubber
  • Fits most crack squeegees
  • Low temp black and High temp red available
Image: Asphalt Melter Kettle Thermometor


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  • Universal asphalt melter thermometer
  • Can be used on stationary or push melters
  • Measures up-to 650º F
image of a Short Handle 2 inch Molasses Valve


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  • Fits all of our stationary asphalt melter kettles
  • Made from cast iron and brass
  • 1-1/2" and 2" available
  • Choose between a short or long handle
image: Billy Goat Grazor Wire Wheel Close-Up


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  • 8" replacement wheel for Billy Goat Grazor
  • Steel twisted bristles
  • Specifically designed to clean asphalt cracks
image: BIGA10 and BIGA15 front wheel replacement


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  • OEM Replacement for BIG A Crack Filling Melter
  • 4" x 1/4" wheel dimensions
  • Steel wheel construction
image: 25 pound pail of Marking Chalk Powder


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  • Contractor quality for high visibility
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Perfect for all professionals
image: 5 pound Marking Chalk Powder Container


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  • Better quality than you'll generally find locally
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Perfect for all Professionals