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BIG A Sealcoating Tank Strainer 1.5 gallon Steel

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overview image of a steel sealcoat strainer housing
image of a steel sealcoat strainer housing opened with included components
image looking inside a steel sealcoat strainer housing
image looking inside sealcoat strainer housing with the strainer installed
diagram image of the different port options
SKU: CZTS-1.5-Rear

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BIG A 1.5 Gallon Steel Sealcoating Strainer
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Looking at the top inlet port, which side of the strainer do you want to have the bottom outlet port placed?
Quick Overview: 
  • 1-1/2" NPT and 2" NPT sizes available
  • Made from Carbon Steel materials
  • Steel strainer basket
  • Universal strainer used primarily on our BIG A SteelSkid tanks


This is a steel tank strainer housing replacement that has an included 11/64" steel basket strainer. We advertise this as being a steel tank strainer because we primarily use it on our SteelSkid line's of sealcoating tanks, but we do also offer it on some of our larger PolySkid tanks as well.

This tank strainer has an easily removable lid that locks securely in place with wing nuts for easy strainer cleaning and the housing is made from carbon steel materials.

Capacity is approx 1.5 gallons

Available in 1-1/2" and 2" NPT models and we even offer the choice between a rear, right, left or same side (front) position for the bottom outlet port.

Top Port: Inlet
Bottom Port: Outlet

Note: This strainer is NOT pressure rated so the outlet is only recommended for the vacuum or suction side of the pump.

Choosing the Port Location

To choose the bottom outlet port location, imagine looking at the side of the strainer housing and turning it so you're looking directly into the top inlet port. Ask yourself: "Where would I want the bottom port in relation to this?"

See the attached diagram for a better example.

Note: If you want both the inlet and outlet port to be on the same side of the strainer, choose Front.  This is the only option not depicted in the picture.

Strainer Location and Tips

Sealcoating strainers are an important piece to any sealcoating tank or spray system whether you're transferring out of a bulk storage tank or spraying sealer on pavement.  Where you place the strainer is totally up to you, however we recommend that you place a strainer directly before the inlet of your pump to prevent large material from damaging the pump.  Sealcoat sprayers know all too well the buildup that happens over a season and sometimes that hard buildup can break free and get sucked into the pump.  From there, the material can get lodged in your spray hose or travel all the way down to the tip.  Clogged tips cost money in time and having a strainer would prevent this, ensuring a smooth spraying experience.

One tip that isn't discussed much in the industry, is having two separate strainers in a setup.  While it isn't necessary, think about having a strainer with a larger mesh (larger holes) that will filter out big particles, then somewhere down line having a second strainer with a smaller mesh (smaller holes) to filter the smaller pieces.  You could put the two back-to-back before the inlet of the pump, or maybe it makes more sense to have the large mesh on the inlet side of the pump and the smaller mesh on the outlet side.  Either way, having two strainers to properly filter out unwanted material from the system isn't a bad thing and certainly doesn't hurt.

Product SKU List

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1-1/2" NPT Thread with Rear Port (opposite side of inlet)


1-1/2" NPT Thread with Right Port (right of inlet)


1-1/2" NPT Thread with Left Port (left of inlet)


1-1/2" NPT Thread with Front Port (same side as inlet)


2" NPT Thread with Rear Port (opposite side of inlet)


2" NPT Thread with Right Port (right of inlet)


2" NPT Thread with Left Port (left of inlet)


2" NPT Thread with Front Port (same side as inlet)



  • Large thumb screw wing-nuts are easy to hold and turn

  • Replaceable gasket rubber for the lid



Wall thickness

.134 (10 gauge)

Lid and bottom thickness

.190 (7 gauge)

Connection Size

1-1/2" NPT and 2" NPT sizes available



Strainer Hole Size


Inlet to Outlet Outside Dim.

7 1/2"

Replacement Parts & Accessories

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 15 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 8 in × 8 in × 14 in