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BIG A Sealcoating Brush Tank, Squeegee Tank or Broom for 48 inch tools

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  • Designed for 48" squeegees or brushes
  • Keeps Sealcoat Brush & Squeegee from drying
  • Holds at least a half dozen brushes or squeegees
  • Includes Lid to prevent splashing
  • Made from 14 gauge steel
  • Includes drain hole and plug for easy clean-out
48" Squeegee Brush Tank
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Our BIG A Sealcoating Brush Tanks are durable 14 gauge steel and are built for years of service.

This rugged Steel tank  incorporates a lid that is designed to stop water spillage, and allows handles to extend out of the tank that is secured with a yoke and chain for holding them upright.

The actual inside width of our 48" brush box is 49.5", which gives plenty of room for a 48" squeegee.  It's designed specifically to house 48" sealcoat squeegees and brushes or smaller.

These brush tanks include a drain hole with a plug for emptying dirty water and refilling with fresh water. It also includes welded-on mounting tabs on both ends to mount to your trailer or truck.

These tanks will store between 30+ gallons of water allowing you to keep several squeegee's or brushes submerged.

The BIGA Sealcoating Brush Tank is a great addition to the business package and is compact enough to fit on a small trailer with the other equipment.

These tanks go by many different names such as asphalt brush tank, asphalt brush box, asphalt broom tank, asphalt broom box, sealcoating brush tank, sealcoating brush box, sealcoating broom tank, sealcoating broom box or whatever you might call it but rest assured that they are one and the same. Our sealcoating brush tank is designed to keep your sealcoating brushes and squeegees in optimal condition during the sealcoating season, saving you time and money from needing to purchase new.

If you're interested in a slightly smaller squeegee tank, take a look at our 36" brush box.

Custom Size

Want a custom size?  We can make any 48" squeegee box size that would fit your needs.  Custom sizes are built-on-order and subject to a 10 - 14 business day lead time.

For reference, our standard size is 49.5"L x 10"W x 16"H

Here are some commonly purchased examples:

Tall (49.5"L x 10"W x 24"H)

Wide (49.5"L x 14"W x 16"H)

Tall & Wide (49.5"L x 14"W x 24"H)

Fully Custom (Make it any size that makes sense for you)

Note: Custom sizes may be priced differently than our standard size.  Call for pricing and purchase +1(800) 689-2098



  • 35 gallon capacity

  • Adjustable broom handle yoke with chain are included

  • Includes drain hole and plug

  • Includes welded-on mounting tabs




14 ga Steel

Inside Dimensions

49.5"L x 10"W x 16"H

Includes Drain and Plug


Includes Mounting Brackets


Broom Handle Yoke Adjustable


Shipping Weight
Weight: 74 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 52 in × 12 in × 18 in