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Crack Cleaning Equipment

Clean asphalt cracks with crack cleaning equipment such as a hot air heat lance and wire wheel edgers before you perform normal asphalt crack repair maintenance.

Overview of the HotShot 2800 asphalt crack heat lance


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  • Clean asphalt cracks with ease
  • 2800º F high pressure air
  • Etches the crack for better rubber adhesion
  • Easily operated by one person
image: crack jet 2 overview


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  • High air pressure crack cleaner
  • 2800º flameless heat wand
  • Walk behind or free form crack cleaning
Overview of the RynoWorx HedgeHog crack cleaner edger


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  • Cleans asphalt cracks and edges pavement
  • 6.5HP Engine
  • Includes crack cleaning wire wheel
image: Billy Goat Asphalt Crack Machine LH


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  • Cleans debris and dirt from asphalt cracks
  • Six-position height adjustment
  • Solid steel wire bristles
image: Asphalt Crack Torch


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  • 300,000 BTU crack torch
  • Utilizes your own air compressor and hose
  • Independent air and gas controls at your fingertips
Image: Hot Air Lance


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  • High Temp, High Velocity, Flameless Heat Lance
  • Heat range from 400º F to 2600º F
  • Includes wheel kit, 40' hose and more...
image: Asphalt Crack Hoe


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  • Heavy duty steel tip
  • Includes 54.5" tapered wood handle
  • Ideal for anyone cleaning asphalt cracks
image: Utility Gas Torch

VT 3-30 C

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  • Perfect for anyone on a budget or small jobs
  • 500,000 BTU "VaporTorch"
  • Includes 10' Gas Hose, spark lighter and more