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Technisoil 45lb TrowelPave SpeedSet Asphalt Leveler and Asphalt Patch Kit

Quick Overview: 
  • Cold applied asphalt repair patch
  • 1/4" and smaller aggregate stones
  • 2-part regular cure plasticomposite formula
  • Great for all kinds of asphalt repairs
  • Easy to use 45lb kit is perfect for home or business needs
Technisoil 45lb TrowelPave Asphalt SpeedSet Patch
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Asphalt Sealcoating Direct has always strived to bring professional-grade asphalt repair products that otherwise are not readily available to homeowners and smaller contractors or DYI’s allowing them to perform high-quality repairs, saving them thousands of repair dollars on driveways, parking lots and many other asphalt surfaces. The TrowlPave asphalt patch is just another example of the outstanding quality you can expect from us.

Performing regular maintenance on your asphalt driveway and roadways will ensure that your investment will last for many years. Any low spots and recessions such as bird baths or potholes in the asphalt surface that holds water, can eventually crack and allow moisture to penetrate the surface and substrate which will eventually cause a soft spot beneath the pavement, creating damaged asphalt, and if not repaired in a timely manner, will lead to complete driveway replacement.

This premium asphalt leveler is engineered for lasting durability and unique design allows you to use it on all kinds of projects. Its formula allows for easy application and its initial setup begins in about one hour. This product is designed specifically for depressions, bird baths, curbing and build-ups and is a very durable epoxy-based asphalt overlay that will last many years if applied and used properly.

This long-term asphalt leveler and repair patching formula is ideal for areas that require thicker applications than our BIG A Alligator Repair, and where you have a need for a harder, more permanent patch than what you'll get from other Pothole Repair products. The TrowelPave "Easy Pour, Mix and Trowel” application process makes it ideal for DIYs or Homeowners and even business owners wanting to perform repairs on parking lots, driveways, cart paths, and any asphalt pavement surface.

Our TrowelPave lives up to its name because it can be troweled to a smooth finish using a basic concrete hand trowel and feathered into the existing pavement surface which minimizes the repair effects, or it can be tamped into potholes or bird baths and used to level the asphalt for smooth transitions.  Since the TrowelPave is an epoxy asphalt based product, it will adhere to the existing pavement without a problem so you don't have to worry about it coming back out like you do other products.

TrowelPave is the only the cold applied asphalt patch that comes close and surpasses the quality of hot mix asphalt when applied correctly.

It's a 2 part kit that ships with 45lbs of aggregate and includes the binder liquid.

It is recommended to apply a tack coat to the patch area prior to installing TrowelPave for maximum adhesion and covering it with a quality asphalt sealer once it has cured for enhanced durability.

TrowelPave Speed Set Asphalt is good for use on:

  • Potholes
  • Alligator Cracks
  • Depressions
  • Overlays
  • Curbs
  • Utility cut-outs
  • Streets and highways
  • Driveways and parking lots
  • Golf cart paths
  • ADA access ramps and more

Standard Application Solution

For the standard installation, simply mix the aggregate and binder together, then apply to the repair area.  While this will probably work fine in small potholes, ramps, birdbaths and general potholes will greatly benefit from the premium application method outlined below.

Failure to go the premium route can cause the patch to pop out of potholes or birdbaths.  If you're making a ramp, not tacking the area first can cause the ramp to be lifted away from the patched area, making it a useless repair.  In contrast, the tack will glue the patch to the pavement which will save you time and money in the long run.

Premium Application Solution

While the TrowelPave can be installed as a standalone product, we recommend a 3-part installation process to ensure maximum bondage and longevity of the patch.

Really, all asphalt patches should have a 3 part process, but a lot of folks sacrifice the durability for cost because it's "good enough".

What we recommend is to first use a tack coat as a bonding glue between the patch and pavement.  Second, is the patch and the third is a good quality sealer that will fill in all of the small holes and edges to protect from moisture.

For the TechniSoil TrowelPave products, they make their own tack coat which is designed specifically to do the job.  Other tack coats will probably work just fine, but we have no long term experience with the results of third party tacks.

As far as the sealer goes, TechniSoil does make its own sealer, but really any asphalt brand of sealer should work just fine as long as it isn't a solvent-based sealer like most Gilsonites.

The Products

Part 1) Tack Coat

TechniSoil Tack Coat - Get the 38oz bottle of TechniSoil Tack Coat: Add to Cart

Part 2) Repair Patch

TechniSoil TrowelPave - Add the product on this page

Part 3) Sealer

TechniSoil ReThink Asphalt Protectant
BIGA Asphalt Emulsion Sealer
BIGA Coaltar Sealer

Tips & Tricks

Allowing Traffic

If you need to open the area back up to traffic immediately after installation, you will want to compact the area with a vibratory plate compactor.  This will handle straight through traffic without causing issues.  If you need to immediately open the area to turning traffic, grab a piece of plywood and spray a non-sticking oil or pam cooking spray (yes, we went there...) on the bottom side of the plywood and place it over the patched area.  Give the area about an hour to fully cure before removing the plywood.

Straight Wall vs Bird Bath / Alligator

If you're repairing a straight wall pothole whether it's been cut or the walls are naturally nice and vertical, you'll have fewer issues during the cure time than if you're repairing a depressed area like a birdbath or alligator cracks.  Give these areas plenty of time to cure before allowing traffic.  We recommend the full 2 hours before allowing traffic.  That said, since birdbaths are similar to potholes, you can place a piece of plywood over the area if you need to open the area back up to traffic.  Just spray the bottom side of the plywood with some oil to keep the patch from sticking.

Cold Weather

Make sure you don't store the binder or tack coat where it can freeze.  That said, the product CAN be used down to around 28-30º F without a problem, just make sure it is kept warmer than freezing before mixing.

25lb vs 45lb

If you're a homeowner or planning on a small project with this product, we highly recommend looking at the 25lb buckets instead. While it's a little more money, the smaller bucket is a lot easier to mix. The alternative is that you find an empty bucket and mix half of the aggregate over there. The main purpose of the 45lb buckets is to provide a nice quantity of aggregate for those planning to use a powered mortar mixing equipment. Just something to think about. The choice is yours!

Basic Installation Instructions

TrowelPave Mixing Wand

Since TrowelPave is a two-part product of aggregate and binder liquid, it has to be mixed.  What better way to mix the two together if you don't have your very own cement mixer!  The TrowelPave Mixing Wand is a 1/2" diameter solid metal mixer that is perfect for asphalt aggregate and other types of stiff mixing materials.

Add the TrowelPave Mixing Wand as an accessory: Add to Cart

TrowelPave Bucket Grip

The TrowelPave Bucket Grip is a special holder that fits on the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and allows you to hold the bucket in place with your feet when you mix it.

Add the TrowelPave Bucket Grip as an accessory: Add to Cart

Product Installation Overview


  • Strong, durable, permanent asphalt transition repair

  • Supports car, truck, forklift, & heavy equipment traffic

  • Leveling compound for adjoining uneven surfaces

  • Finish & compact with a standard concrete trowel

  • Commonly used for potholes, broken edges, alligator cracks, & more

  • Contains 95% recycled materials

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Aggregate Weight

45 lbs

Aggregate Size

1/4" and smaller

Recommended Use

Potholes, bird baths, alligator cracks, large cracks, unequal transitions, asphalt cut-outs, overlays

Cure Times

Time to straight traffic (Compacted)


Time to straight traffic (Hand Tamped)

1 hr

Time to turning traffic

2 hrs



.38 cu ft per bucket

2" Thick

2.28 sq ft

1" Thick

4.56 sq ft

3/4" Thick

6.08 sq ft

1/2" Thick

9.12 sq ft

1/4" Thick

18.24 sq ft

Shipping Weight
Weight: 55 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in × 16 in