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Marshalltown Black Neoprene Fixed V-Squeegee Replacement Rubber RED704916

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image: Crack Squeegee Replacement Rubber
image: Crack Squeegee Replacement Rubber
SKU: RED704916
Marshalltown | Low Temp Black Neoprene | Fixed Head V-Squeegee Blade | Single
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Quick Overview: 
  • Great for cold pour crack material
  • Black Neoprene replacement rubber
  • Fits a variety of crack v-squeegee brands
  • Replacement for fixed head push or pull styles


Want to save some money? Buy the replacement squeegees for your Marshalltown v-squeegee instead of buying a whole new tool.

This is the rubber replacement blade for the Marshalltown asphalt crack v-squeegee and it fits a handful of other brands including PTM and Cleform.

These replacement blades are a block style low temp black neoprene rubber designed for temperatures up to 220 degrees and fits the fixed head Marshalltown Push or Pull crack v-squeegees.

The black neoprene rubbers are great for cold materials but not recommend for hot pour crack fillers.

Sold as single quantities.

(See RED704943 for the reversible v-squeegee replacement)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the black neoprene squeegee with hot crack filler?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is you will throw your money away faster if you only use the black neoprene squeegees. They are generally rated between 180 and 220 degrees F and your typical hot pour crack filler is put down around 325 - 375 degrees F. The neoprene wears out faster becaues the bottom will split over time if you have guys that don't take care of them.

Compared to the red silicone blades, you don't have the split problem so they last longer which saves you money in replacing not only the blades themselves, but the labor it takes to replace the blades. The other problem with using hot materials on the black neoprene is that it becomes a lot more difficult to remove the rubber from the blade for cleaning. The dried, cooled rubber peels right off of the red silicone blades but sticks to the black neoprene. Cold pour crack fillers on the other hand are usually water-based so washing off the left-over material from black neoprene is no big deal.

If you're doing hot crack filler, you should use a high temp rated silicone squeegee blade. If you're doing cold pour only, black is fine. If you're doing both hot and cold, you can't go wrong with the red.

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Weight: 1 lb
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Dimensions: 12 in × 3 in × 3 in