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BIG A 55 Gallon Bulk Cold Pour Crack Filler

Seasonal Material Shutdown

We won't be able to ship this water-based product due to the possibility of freezing while in transit (If the product material freezes, it's ruined). We still have a limited stock left and might be able to ship if the weather allows. If you want to see if we can ship material to your area, don't hesitate to give us a ring +1(800) 689-2098. Waterbased paints can be shipped year-round to far southern states only, but the weather might delay ship times. Call for ordering water-based paints +1(800) 689-2098

Quick Overview: 
  • Contractor grade cold pour crack filler
  • Ships on a pallet with 3, 55 gallon barrels
  • Perfect for medium or large sized jobs
55 Gallon BIG A Cold Pour Crackfill Bulk Pallet
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Unavailable (Seasonal)
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Cold Flow Asphalt Crackfill In 55 Gallon Barrels For Large Commercial Crack Filling Applications

Just like our single BIG A 55 Gallon Cold Pour Crack Filler, this product combines three (3) of the same 55 gallon barrels into a single bundle, lowering costs for those who need multiple barrels, making it perfect for professionals who want to boost their bottom line and make more money.

This product is very popular with Universities and large projects where they do not want to invest into special crack filling melters and equipment but have the need to fill pavement cracks with a professional product. It is easily applied using a PourPot and "V" Squeegee and dries quickly; usually, in less than four hours (we recommend 6 hours to be safe) traffic can be allowed to drive on it and it will not track.

Made with a special blend of latex additives, our cold pour asphalt crack fill is designed to have a higher resistance to re-cracking and last longer than similar alternatives.

This Rubberized Liquid Crack Sealer can be applied with a Crack Banders or a Pour Pot and transferred from the 55 gallon drum to smaller pails for easier handling.


- Clean all loose material from the cracks.

- Apply using a pourpot or mechanical applicator. Squeegee off any excess flush with the surface.

- Cracks over 1/2" deep should first be partially filled with sand or backer rod. Broadcast dry sand over freshly sealed cracks.

Caution: Do not apply this Asphalt Crackfill below 50 F. Do not use when rain is imminent. Do not use in cracks over 1/2" wide.


1 gallon fills 200-225 linear feet of 1/4" x 1/4" cracks.



This product does not have an explicit application warranty period. For a full explanation, view our BIG A Consumable Warranty Policy.

We WILL warranty issues caused from shipping or packaging problems.

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55 Gallon


Asphalt Emulsion



Weight per Gallon

(approx) 9.8 lbs


Application Method

Applied Cold


200' - 225' of 1/4" x 1/4" cracks per gallon

Dry to Touch Time

(approx) 15 minutes*

Dry to Drive Time

(approx) 6 daylight hours*


Dry times will vary on temperature and exposure to sun. Shaded areas may take longer.

Shipping Weight
Weight: 2010 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 48 in × 40 in × 35 in