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Marshalltown Pull Style Hot Pour Asphalt Crack V-Squeegee RED700994R

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SKU: RED700994R
Marshalltown Crack V-Squeegee | High Temp Red Silicone | Pull | Single
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Quick Overview: 
  • Great for hot pour crack material
  • Pull style crack squeegee
  • Includes wooden handle
  • Sold as single quantities


The Marshalltown Asphalt Crack V-Squeegee comes complete with 54" wooden handle and is a "Pull" design.

The rubber blade is easily replaced and is available in a red silicone with high-temperature ratings of 392° F (200° C) for use with hot pour crack fillers.

This Squeegee looks like our Reversible Squeegee but does not have a reversible handle.

Alternative Part Number: 27042


  • "Pull" design

  • Easy replaceable rubber blade




54" Wooden

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Weight: 5 lb
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Dimensions: 63 in × 4 in × 7 in