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75 Boxes Of Flex-A-Fill 9075R Hot Asphalt Crack Filler For Direct Fire Melters

Overview image of a full pallet of Flex-A-Fill hot asphalt crackfiller
image: Hot Asphalt Crack Filler Being Applied
Image: Placing Hot Asphalt Crackfiller Into Melter
Image: Hot Pour Crackfiller Melting In Kettle
image: Application Temperature 400-425 Degrees Max
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75 Boxes of Flex-A-Fill 9075R Direct Fire Hot Crack Filler (2250 lbs)
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Quick Overview: 
  • Parking lot hot crack filler
  • Used in direct fire melters
  • 75 boxes of 30lb rubber


Asphalt Sealcoating Direct sells a large quantity of Asphalt Repair items including Hot Pour Crack Fill. This product is extremely pliable and is Direct Fire crack fill material.

Flex-A-Fill is a high-quality Hot Asphalt Crack Filler material that is available in a convenient 30LB box (75 boxes Per Pallet) equaling 227 gallons of material that easily fits into direct fire kettles as shown in the video and pictures.

This Hot Pour Direct Fire Crackfill works perfectly with our popular Asphalt Crack Melter / Applicator and if you own and operate an asphalt repair business, then you probably own and operate crack filling melters and applicators too.

Specifically designed to withstand the higher temperatures of a direct fire kettle, this rubberized crack fill becomes very flexible after it has cooled, making it a perfect solution for parking lots or professional driveway repair.

Direct Fire Crackfill Rubber is specifically designed for use with Direct Fire Melting Kettles using a thermometer to monitor melting temperature up to 400 degrees and usually has a higher flash point than its counterpart which is designed for use with Oil Jacketed melting kettles.

Hot Pour Crack Fill is designed to seal cracks or joints in asphalt or concrete surfaces, which are up to 1" in width and up to 1/2" in depth.

This material must be applied to cracks that are free from all foreign matter and debris. We suggest the use of a heat lance or wire wheel prior to filling asphalt cracks.

This material can be poured directly from the melter or pour pot into the crack and should yield approximately a rate of 100 linear feet per 12.5 pounds of crack filler as long as the crack your filling is not more than 1” wide and filler such as sand or hot mix is used to fill the crack to ½" below the cracks surface.

It is advisable to use an applicator melter that has a thermometer as the maximum recommended temperature of the sealer is 400 degrees.

This Hot Pour Crackfiller can be used in a direct bottom fired melter, or a double boiler type melter

Watch the agitation in progress

Pallet Quantity

The pallet quantity is seventy-five (75) boxes, each weighing thirty (30) lbs per box.

Total product weight: 2,250 lbs

Total product + pallet weight: 2,375 lbs.

Quick Specs

(Full specifications below)

  • Weight Per Gallon: 9.4 lbs.
  • Application: Apply to clean dry cracks when ambient and pavement temperatures are above freezing. Joints and cracks should be filled full and tight squeegeeing may be desirable.
  • Coverage: 1/2" x 1/2" Cracks — 13 lbs. Per 100 linear feet
  • Application Temperatures: Recommended pouring temperature 350 degrees F. Safe heating temperature 400 degrees F.


Our asphalt crack repair rubber is designed for cracks in parking lots and driveways that are around 1" width by 1/2" depth. If you are filling cracks deeper than 1/2", we recommend filling the crack with some sort of backer such as sand or foam. This is a harder rubber that does become flexible when cured, but is stiffer than a street rubber to reduce tracking and tire marks.


Before you perform asphalt crack repair with this material, the cracks must be free from all foreign matter and debris. We suggest the use of a heat lance or wire wheel prior to filling asphalt cracks.


Simply add a block of rubber to your direct fire or double oil jacketed boiler applicator melter of choice. Make sure that the internal heat does not exceed the maximum recommended temperature of 400º F. Apply generously to the cracks needing repair.

If a half pallet is more than you need, we also offer single box quantities for purchase.


  • For use on Streets, Driveways and Parking Lots

  • Seals cracks in asphalt and concrete

  • Resistant to cracking

  • Resistant to tire tracking

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Single Block Weight

30 lbs

Weight Per Gallon

9.9 lbs

Gallons Per Block

(approx.) 3 Gallons

Block Dimensions

(approx.) 12"L x 9"W x 8"H



Applied Hot


Direct Fire


Parking Lot & Driveway Use Only


1/2" x 1/2" Cracks — 13 lbs. Per 100 linear feet

Pliable to traffic Time

20-30 minutes

Material Temperatures

Material Softening Point

200º F (93º C)


Min 370º F | Recommended 385º | Max 400º F (do NOT exceed)


Min 370º F | Recommended 375º - 395º F (do NOT exceed 400º F)

Physical Application

Pavement Temp @ 35º F and above.


Asphalt 8052-42-4 (fumes)

55 - 85

Petroleum Distillate TSCA Listed

0 - 20

Filler Mixture

0 - 35

Crystalline Silica as quartz

14808-60-7 0 - 10

Polymer Modifier TSCA Listed

< 12


Pallet Box Count


Pallet Total Net Weight

2250 lbs


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Technical Data Sheet:
Shipping Weight
Weight: 2375 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 52 in × 52 in × 48 in