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HotShot2800 Jr. Crack Sealing Heat Lance

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image: Crack Sealing Heat Lance Right Side
image: Crack Sealing Heat Lance Rear
image: Crack Sealing Heat Lance Pulling
image: Crack Sealing Heat Lance Left Side
image: Crack Sealing Heat Lance Pushing
image: Crack Sealing Heat Lance With Pull Rod
image: Crack Sealing Heat Lance Honda Engine
SKU: HotShot2800JR
HotShot 2800 Jr. Crack Heat Lance
Quick Overview: 
  • Clean asphalt cracks with ease
  • 2800º F high pressure air
  • Etches crack for better rubber adhesion
  • Can be operated by one person


Discontinued Note

We no longer offer the HotShot 2800 Jr. but we do still support them. If you need replacement parts for the HotShot 2800 Jr, feel free to contact us +1(800) 689-2098

As a comparable replacement, we suggest you take a look at our HotShot 2800 Pro or the CrackJet II


Our HotShot2800Jr Crack Sealing Heat Lance delivers the same performance as our popular HotShot 2800 Hot Air Lance but has a smaller price tag. This compact lightweight crack sealing lance delivers 2800 degree high pressure air that actually etches the asphalt crack, which allows for excellent adhesion of the new crack sealer. The extremely hot air also cleans moisture and vegetation from the crack and allows the user to extend the crack repair season because they can work in colder weather later into the crack repair season.

Sealing Asphalt Cracks is extremely important because water and oils enter the cracks and penetrate the soil base under the pavement and this will lead to soft spots and this will eventually lead to alligator asphalt and then potholes develop. Every contractor or property manager should take asphalt crack repair seriously because proper maintenance will add years of life to the pavement. Proper preparation of the crack is also critical because new crack filler, regardless if your using hot crackfill or cold crackfill, both will adhere much better to a properly cleaned crack, and using a hot air lance is the preferred method by professionals, municipality's, and road repair crews.

You can always count on Asphalt Sealcoating Direct to bring you professional Crack sealing equipment at the most affordable prices in the industry!


  • Removable lance

  • Push-Pull design

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Single man operation


  • Electronic Lance ignition

  • 15' hose hose extension

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5.5 HP Honda GX


90 CFM


Unleaded Gasoline


2800 Degree Air At Tip

Net Weight

162 lbs


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Overview of the HotShot 2800 asphalt crack heat lance Image: Hot Air Lance
HotShot2800pro 45650


5.5 HP Industrial Honda GX


Cast Iron single stage air compressor

Hose Length


Net Weight

241 lbs


Air Temperature

400ºF - 2600ºF

Exit Air Velocity

Up to 3000 ft per second

Input Rating

1,000,000 BTU

Fuel Type


Fuel Consumption

10 lbs per hour @20 PSI

Propane Requirements

5 - 30 PSI

Compressed Air Requirements

60 - 100 CFM

Net Weight

9.2 lbs

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 207 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 42 in × 22 in × 34 in