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Wire Wheel Cleaners

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There are several ways to clean cracks in asphalt or concrete, but one of the most cost-effective and easiest is with a wire-wheel crack cleaner. The wire-wheel crack cleaners we offer, are setup a lot like a pavement edger that is retro-fit with a wire wheel instead. Both wire wheel products we offer are specifically designed as crack cleaning devices and perfect for driveway or parking lot maintenance professionals.

Overview of the RynoWorx HedgeHog crack cleaner edger


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  • Cleans asphalt cracks and edges pavement
  • 6.5HP Engine
  • Includes crack cleaning wire wheel
image: Billy Goat Asphalt Crack Machine LH


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  • Cleans debris and dirt from asphalt cracks
  • Six-position height adjustment
  • Solid steel wire bristles