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Asphalt Crack Torch

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image: Asphalt Crack Torch
Asphalt Crack Torch
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Quick Overview: 
  • 300,000 BTU crack torch
  • Utilizes your own air compressor and hose
  • Independent air and gas controls at your fingertips


The ASD300K Asphalt Crack Torch will deliver superb performance at a fraction of the price of other competitors asphalt crack torches.

It delivers 300,000 BTU's with 55 lbs of gas pressure and utilizes your compressor and hoses combining compressed air and high temperature.

If your business offers asphalt crack repair, then you understand the importance of properly preparing the crack when performing asphalt crack sealing.

With this torch you can control the air and gas independent of each other giving you complete heat and air pressure control.

The high 300,000 BTU high intensity flame will etch the asphalt allowing for suburb Crackfiller adhesion and also help dry moisture.

Did you know that you can actually blow too deep into the crack possibly disturbing the sub-surface? This won't happen with our ASD300K Asphalt Crack Torch. You will get the correct amount of air pressure to clean the crack without blowing too deep.

Our Asphalt Crack Torch comes complete with:

  • Torch assembly
  • Adjustable Gas Valve
  • 50' of Propane Gas Hose
  • Striker and Instruction Manual

Combined with your air compressor and propane tank, this powerhouse Asphalt Crack Torch generates a high-intensity flame output along with a high-temperature heat blast to clean and dry any asphalt crack in the work area.

Because our ASD300K Asphalt Crack Torch only weighs 7 LBS, you can easily handle it for extended periods of time.

Many asphalt crack cleaning contractors already have an air compressor on the job site making this crack torch a convenient piece of crack cleaning equipment. Just add your propane bottle and you have an incredible asphalt crack cleaning tool that will save you time and make you more money.

Safety goggles are recommended when using this crack cleaner because of the debris that will be blown from the crack!


  • Lightweight aluminum body

  • Stainless Steel air injector

  • Adjustable gas and air

  • Includes 50' of liquid propane gas hose



Net Weight

7 lbs



Shipping Weight
Weight: 7 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 58 in × 6 in × 6 in