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J-16 5 Gallon Professional Asphalt Coal Tar Sealer

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Seasonal Material Shutdown

Jack Frost showed up the other day and told us it's time to begin our winter shutdown on water based material shipments. We haven't completely shut down though and if you want to make sure we can ship you material, don't hesitate to give us a ring +1(800) 689-2098. Full shutdown expected the 3rd to 4th week of Nov 2014 (oil based paints and crack fill rubber shipped year round)



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Monday, November 03, 2014

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Choose the appropriate sand amount. See "Product Info" below for details.
Quick Overview: 
  • Professional grade sealcoat sealer
  • Comes in convenient 5 gallon bucket
  • Perfect for driveways and smaller jobs
  • Resistant to weather and chemical wear
  • General
    Material Type: 
    Coal Tar Emulsion
    Shipped Volume: 
    5 Gallons
    Weight Per Gallon: 
    10 lbs (12 lbs with sand)
    Finish / Color: 
    Flat Black
    Skin Irritation: 
    Extreme (wear protection)
    Shoe Tracking: 
    None to Minimal
    Per Gallon: 
    80 - 100 sq ft
    Per Container: 
    400 - 500 sq ft
    Additional Notes: 
    Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.
    Dry Times
    Dry to Walk: 
    3 - 6 hours
    Dry to Drive: 
    24 hours
    Full Cure: 
    24 - 36 hours
    Additional Notes: 
    Actual dry times will vary depending on ambient temperature, humidity and wind conditions.
    Application Method: 
    Spray or Squeegee
    Recommended Max Dilution: 
    5% (Apply undiluted for best performance)
    With Sand / Without Sand
    Minimum Application Temp: 
    Above freezing (32º F) for 24 hours
    Recommended Application Temp: 
    50º F or higher
    Cleanup (liquid state): 
    Soap & Water
    Cold Extreme: 
    Can Not Freeze (Recommended 50º F or above)
    Hot Extreme: 
    Avoid Excessive Heat
    Shelf Life: 
    6 - 8 months
    Additional Notes: 
    Stir well after opening.

    Ideal for: LOW TRAFFIC, Home Driveways, Play Areas, Parking Stalls,Bicycle and Golf Cart paths
    Extends pavement service life
    Gas and oil can't eat it away

    Can this product be applied with a sealcoat sprayer? What about a sealcoat brush or squeegee?
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    Shipping Weight

    Weight: 50 lb

    Shipping Dimensions

    Dimensions: 14 in × 14 in × 18 in