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BIG A Premium Coal Tar Asphalt Sealer 55 Gallon Barrel

Seasonal Material Shutdown

We won't be able to ship this water-based product due to the possibility of freezing while in transit (If the product material freezes, it's ruined). We still have a limited stock left and might be able to ship if the weather allows. If you want to see if we can ship material to your area, don't hesitate to give us a ring +1(800) 689-2098. Waterbased paints can be shipped year-round to far southern states only, but the weather might delay ship times. Call for ordering water-based paints +1(800) 689-2098

Quick Overview: 
  • Includes higher solids and latex additives for better durability
  • Contractor grade and homeowner approved
  • Ready-to-Use 55 Gallon Barrel
55 Gallon BIG A Premium Coal Tar Sealer
List price: $600
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Unavailable (Seasonal)
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The BIG A Premium Coal Tar Sealer is a higher content of solids with latex additives that give it increased durability and a longer life expectancy. In some cases, you might see up to 7 years of life with this sealer in low traffic areas with low environmental exposure.

Another feature of our BIG A Premium Coal Tar Sealer is a faster dry to touch time of 2 - 4 hours depending on temperature and weather condition. This dry time usually allows foot traffic in a shorter period and in some cases, you can allow car traffic in as little as 8 - 12 hours after application. Full cure time is 24 hours though and we highly recommend that you wait the full 24 hours before allowing vehicle traffic.




This product does not have an explicit application warranty period. For a full explanation, view our BIG A Consumable Warranty Policy.

We WILL warranty issues caused from shipping or packaging problems.

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Material Type

Coal Tar Emulsion



Shipped Volume

55 Gallons

Weight Per Gallon

11.5 lbs

Finish / Color

Flat Black

Skin Irritation

Uncomfortable to Severe (wear protection)

Shoe Tracking

None to Minimal

Coverage for Great Condition Asphalt

Per Gallon

100 - 110 sq ft

Per Container

5,500 - 6,050 sq ft

Additional Notes

Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.

Coverage for Fair Condition Asphalt

Per Gallon

90 - 100 sq ft

Per Container

4,950 - 5,500 sq ft

Additional Notes

Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.

Coverage for Rough Condition Asphalt

Per Gallon

80 - 90 sq ft

Per Container

4,400 - 4,950 sq ft

Additional Notes

Actual coverage will vary depending on texture and condition of the asphalt.

Dry Times

Dry to Walk

3 - 6 hours

Dry to Drive

24 hours

Full Cure

24 - 36 hours

Additional Notes

Actual dry times will vary depending on ambient temperature, humidity and wind conditions.


Application Method

Spray or Squeegee

Recommended Max Dilution

5% (Apply undiluted for best performance)



Minimum Application Temp

Above freezing (32º F) for 24 hours

Recommended Application Temp

50º F or higher

Cleanup (liquid state)

Soap & Water


Cold Extreme

Can Not Freeze (Recommend 50º F or above)

Hot Extreme

Avoid Excessive Heat

Shelf Life

6 - 8 months (store in air-tight container)

Additional Notes

Stir well after opening


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Shipping Weight
Weight: 663 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 48 in × 48 in × 48 in