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5 Gallon BIGA Alligator Asphalt Patch Bulk Pallet of 6 Buckets

2023 Notice: While supply chain problems are better than last year, we anticipate them to continue for 2023. Please expect some delays. view details

Overview of 6 generic buckets representing the BIGA Alligator Patch
image: 5 Gallon Bucket of Alligator Asphalt Repair
5 Gallon BIGA Alligator Patch 6 Pails
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Liftgate service will move the item from the bed of the truck, to the ground ONLY. You must have a way to handle it on the ground. If you have a forklift, you don't need liftgate service which saves you money.
Quick Overview: 
  • 6 buckets containing 5 gallons of material ea.
  • Specifically blended to fill alligator cracks
  • Covers up to 32 square feet per pail @ 1/4" depth
  • Very easy cold pour application


The BIGA Alligator Patch is a great way to fix alligatored asphalt which is commonly referred to as "spider cracks".  This product is designed as a small overlay patch that will fill the cracks and help lock in the islands of asphalt, all while creating a beautiful looking area compared to the many ugly cracks.

Buy a pallet with 5-gallon buckets of BIGA Alligator Asphalt Patch and save money when compared to our Single 5 gallon bucket.

Sold as a Pallet of 6 buckets
Total Quantity: 30 Gallons
Total Shipping Weight: 420 lbs

Product Note: We recommend this product as a "Three Part" product. First, apply Tack Kote, Second, apply this product and Third, sealcoat over the patch to ensure maximum results. For more information, visit the single BIGA Alligator Patch page.


None | BIG A

This product does not have an explicit application warranty period.

We WILL warranty issues caused from shipping or packaging problems.

For a full explanation, view our BIG A Consumable Warranty Policy.


  • Dries fast

  • Cleans up with water

  • Environmentally friendly

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Container Type

5 Gallon Pail

Weight Per Gallon (approx)

12.6 lbs

Shipped Quantity


Total Shipped Volume

30 Gallons

Coverage Per Gallon

Alligator Asphalt

Up to 32 sq ft

Bird Baths

Up to 32 sq ft 1/4" depth depression


Up to 75 linear feet of 1/2" wide x 1/2" deep

Dry Time

Dry to Sealcoat @ 1/4" thickness

24 hours

Dry to Walk @ 1/4" thickness

24 hours

Dry to Drive @ 1/4" thickness

24 - 48 hours


Shelf Life Unopened

8-10 months

Shelf Life Opened

1-2 months


Keep from freezing; Store out of direct sunlight

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this product be painted?

Short Answer: Yes - You can paint over this product but we recommend waiting approximately 24 hours before painting to allow the material to cure.


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Shipping Weight
Weight: 420 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 40 in × 40 in × 24 in