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5 Gallon Fast Dry Water Based Street Paint

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5 Gallon Water Based FAST-DRY Paint
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Quick Overview: 
  • Non-Federal Spec FAST DRY low VOC water based paint
  • Great for parking lots and curbs; decent color and durability
  • Dries to no-pickup in approx 10 min
  • No thinning needed. Ready-to-Spray formula
  • Works on asphalt or concrete, non-maintained streets, curbs and parking lots


Our 5 gallon Water Based Fast-Dry Street Paint is a Non-Federal specification paint that is perfect for commercial parking lots or city and county crews painting street lines or city lots.

As the name says, it's a "Fast Drying" paint that is specially formulated to be dry to traffic in around 10 minutes @ 77º F+ and full dry in about 2 hours.  In colder temperatures or high humidity, it might take a bit longer to dry.

If you don't need the 1952F Federal specification or a State specification paint for parking lots or roads, our regular Water Based Fasty-Dry Paint is a great quality product at a lower cost.  If you don't need a fast drying paint, check out our normal-dry water based paint and save some money.

This Street Paint is designed to work on concrete or asphalt and it's a great all-around permanent paint for paint parking lot lines, street lines, curbs or road signange.

Regular VOC vs Zero VOC

The Regular VOC has normal VOC smells and components.  Regular VOC paints are perfect for open outside areas.

Zero VOC has an absolute minimum VOC level which is ideal for indoor situations where VOC levels must be kept to a minimum.

Special Notes

Our Fast-Dry paint is not recommended for "roller" style line stripers like our Rollmaster Econo 1000 or Rollmaster 5000. Since those systems are low pressure delivery systems, the mechanism which delivers the paint to the roller and the roller itself, will become clogged with paint causing you a big mess and undesired frustration. If you are interested in either one of those systems, we recommend that you purchase our normal dry water based paint instead. If you have a high pressure sprayer, this paint will work fine in those systems but may cause faster clogging at the tip.

As far as surfaces go, our fast-dry water based paint can be used on both asphalt and concrete but it is NOT recommended as turf marking or field marking paint. We carry a line of paint that is specifically designed for that environment. Contact us for details or visit our field marking website for grass paints.


We only sell paint that is guaranteed to be top quality commercial parking lot, curb and traffic paint. Our paint will equally match and usually beats anything you can buy at the store. We ship all of our paint straight from the manufacturing plant which means your paint is fresh by the time you get it, unlike the paint that might sit on the store shelf for a few months and believe it or not, will get recycled if it sits too long... Our paint is fresh, not blended or recycled.

The other thing we should mention about the quality is that our paint is colored with powder based pigments. Other manufacturers, even some of the well known ones, use liquid based pigments and those tend to fade a lot sooner than powder based pigment.


Use this paint anywhere you might need fast drying Federal Specification traffic paint such as parking lots, curbs or roads. If you aren't sure whether you need a fast drying paint or not, the question you want to ask yourself is: "Do I need multiple coats and or do I need traffic on my parking lot in less than an hour?" If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, you will want FAST-DRY paint. If you have time to let the paint dry, you will probably want our regular and less expensive water based paint. Some jobs require a higher "build" of paint which means multiple coats. If you need to allow traffic back on the job in a short amount of time, you definitely need a fast drying paint.


Understanding the coverage of the paint is an important factor when line striping. The typical airless line striper will produce a line that is 15 mils in thickness, but first, how thick is 15 mils, second, what if I'm not using an airless line striper and third, what about the surface condition? Actual coverage of this paint can be found in the Specifications area.

How thick is 15 mils?
Well, 1 mil stands for "1 Thousandth of an Inch". It's small. So, 15 mils is 15 thousandth of an inch which is the same as 1/64 of an inch. To give an idea of how thick 15 mils really is, we'll show you a few common items and their thickness:

  • Typical Credit Card: 30 mils (.030 in) [0.762 mm]
  • US Dollar Bill: 5 mils (.005 in) [0.127 mm]
  • Finger Nail: 13 mils (.013 in) [.3302 mm]

So, if you take 3 crisp US currancy bills and stack them together, you will have 15 mils of thickness, or you can look at the thickness of your (unpainted) fingernail for a quick reference.

What if I'm not using an airless striper?
When using a roller or brush to apply paint, the thickness will vary between the roller style and how much paint you actually put down. The main rule of thumb though, is that you will double the amount of paint. Using a roller usually applies a thicker coat of paint. In some cases, if you're conservative with how much you put down, you can acually use less paint.

What do I need to know about the surface condition?
The surface area of section you will paint can also make a big difference with how much paint you use. Especially if you aren't using an airless paint system. Rough pavement like older ashpalt that has a lot of agregate showing, has a larger surface area and will take more paint. In contrast, a smooth concrete surface has a lower surface area and won't take as much paint. We don't have a guide or calculator at this time to take the different surfaces into consideration, just know that you might need a bit more paint if you're painting a rough area.

Standard Color Options

The following colors are available for sale as a ready-to-ship product. If you need custom colors, see the next section.

  • White & Yellow are designed for parking lot and traffic lines
  • Handicap Blue is for Federal specification handicap stalls
  • Black is normally for street addresses and misc markings

Custom Color Options

We can custom create a wide variety of colors you might want. First visit our Custom Color Palette, then Call for order details +1(800) 689-2098.

  • Additional cost may apply
  • 30 gallon minimum purchase required for each custom color.

Custom Gray Colors
There are so many different shades of gray, it is difficult for us to offer a "base gray" color of paint, and have it match your environment. As suggested from our supplier, we recommend that you purchase both "White" and "Black" colors, then mix them together to achieve the color of gray you need. We understand this presents additional cost for the project and we apologize for the inconvenience, however, if you aren't picky about the color of gray you need, feel free to browse our Custom Color Palette and choose a gray. (30 gallon minimum on custom gray)

Product SKU List

These are the SKU numbers to give if you plan to buy over the phone. To see pricing changes (if any), click on the "drop down" arrow in the Add to Cart section above.


Regular VOC

Zero VOC










5 Gallon

Weight Per Gallon

12.1 – 12.5 lbs

Base Compound


Dry Type

Fast Drying


Flat / Satin

Federal Specification


Slick When Wet



Yes (No thinning needed)


Lineal Coverage Per Gallon

320 lineal feet of 4” wide line at 15 mils thickness

Lineal Coverage Per Container

1600 lineal feet of 4” wide line at 15 mils thickness

Area Coverage Per Gallon

110 sq ft @ 15 mils thickness

Area Coverage Per Container

550 sq ft @ 15 mils thickness

Drying Time

@ 77 deg. 50% RH, maximum 10 minutes for no pickup on wheels but longer for complete dry through

Dry Through

2 hours. at 90 % relative humidity


With soap and water


Resin Type

Acrylic Latex co-polymer


80 - 90 KU

Dry Opacity

5 mils Bird, .92, min

Flash Point




Protect from Freezing


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 70 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in × 15 in