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Keson Sealcoating and Line Striping Quick Bid Measuring Wheel

Overview image of the Keson RR318N measuring wheel extended
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image: keson RR318N measuring wheel counter
Keson 3' Quick Bid Measuring Wheel
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Quick Overview: 
  • Perfect for Sealcoaters and Line Stripers
  • Contractor Grade Construction


Whether you're a sealcoating or line striping professional, bidding parking lots shouldn't take all day. The best way we've found to quickly bid a parking lot is to use a Measuring Wheel and since you're going to encounter all sorts of terrain, we recommend the measuring wheels with a larger diameter wheel. That's why we offer a 3 foot circumference measuring wheel and a 4 foot circumference measuring wheel, to give you a few options among the most popular of choices.

The RoadRunner series is no slouch in the industry and is manufactured as a contractor grade measuring wheel. Touting a proprietary material called Kesonite, it is lighter and stronger than some of the all metal counterparts on the market, not to mention far more durable than those cheap plastic ones you find at the box stores. It also comes with a 3 piece pistol-grip handle for easy holding and the entire unit telescopes down to a small package using quick-snap cam locks.

The measuring counter is magnified so it's easy to read and it can measure by the inch or by the foot.

Whether you're bidding for sealcoating, crack repair, line striping, field marking, warehouse floors or any other large area, the RoadRunner is sure to give you an accurate measurement in no time flat.

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 4 lb
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Dimensions: 24 in × 13 in × 7 in