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Newstripe RollMaster 1000 Econo Line Striper - 10003856

image: RollMaster Econo 1000 Line Striper
image: RollMaster Econo 1000 Application Example
SKU: NS10003856
Newstripe RollMaster 1000
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Quick Overview: 
  • Easy-to-Use roller style line striping machine
  • Perfect for small asphalt or concrete parking lot maintainers
  • Holds 1 Gallon of paint
  • Light weight and easy to store


If our Rollmaster 5000 is too much of a parking lot line striper for your needs, you should consider the Newstripe Rollmaser 1000 Econo asphalt line striping machine because it has many of the great features that the 5000 offers.

The Rollmaster 1000 uses 1 gallon cans of paint, is very lightweight and because it is a pavement paint roller, it will not create over spray allowing you to work closely to parked cars producing a perfect line stripe to any parking lot surface you might encounter.

The Newstripe Rollmaster Econo model is a great parking lot asphalt line striper to own if your just beginning your Asphalt Striping Business, creating a professional appearance in front of your customer.


Ideal for warehouses, parking lots and playgrounds

  • Easy to use.
  • Mechanically driven pump does not touch paint for quick, no hassle clean up.
  • Center mounted roller positions.
  • Pumps directly from standard one gallon paint cans.
  • Light weight and easy to store.
  • Paint professional looking lines in minutes.

To move from one line to the next, simply tilt the line striper handle downwards and wheel the machine to the next line. This model does not come with a line guide so you will either have to use the old line as your guide or if there are no lines, you will need to measure the lines and use a chalk line to mark where the lines will go.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Replacement Rollers
Included with this product is a 3 pack of replacement rollers which includes end discs and hose. View our Parts tab above for details on purchasing replacement parts for the Rollmaster 1000.

Left Side Roller Attachment
By default, the Rollmaster 1000 Econo has the roller in the center of the machine. Some folks need a tighter tolerance when striping lines and that's where the Left Side Attachment comes into action. This accessory is listed in the Parts tab above. Since it is an accessory, you will need to add both the Rollmaster 1000 striping machine as well as the attachment accessory to your cart.


18 Month Limited

This product comes with an 18 month limited warranty from the time of purchase.

Parts that are not explicitly made by this manufacturer, may come with a different warranty period or policy. See this products respective operations manual for a detailed version of the warranty policy and a full list of items that are covered or may become void due to improper maintenance.


  • Flip the loop handle up and insert pins for easy assembly

  • Safe to use water or oil base paints, even the environmentally safe latexes and low VOC paints. Not recommended for use with lacquer, fast dry or epoxy paints.

  • Base accepts one-gallon can of paint., saving you hundreds of dollars compared to aerosol stripers.

  • Heavy duty industrial grade construction of 12 gauge and structural steel. Roller covers are foam rubber with a PVC core.

  • Mechanically driven pump produces no fumes.


  • 10000639 - 4" Roller Kit, roller hose & disc's

  • 10001193 - 3" Roller Kit

  • 10000640 - 2" Roller Kit

  • 10000728 - 4" 12 Pack rollers & disc's

  • 10001461 - 3" 12 pack

  • 10000729 - 2" 12 pack

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Line Guide


Handle Height


Unit Specifications

Net Weight

39 lbs


17.5" W x 29" L

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Rollmaster striping machine leave a sharp edge in comparison to the spray models?

The Rollmaster line of line stripers, applies paint using a paint roller. (Similar to what you would use for indoor walls of a house). This style of line stiper does indeed leave a much more "crisp" edge when compared to the line sprayer counterparts.

Can I use sand in the paint with this line striper?

We do not recommend using sand with this line striper. Using any type of abrasive with this line striper will run the risk of clogging the hose or application tips, leaving you with a non-functional machine.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

The following are a list of replacement or add-on parts for this product.

Shipping Weight
Weight: 39 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 41 in × 13 in × 8 in