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5 Gallon Bucket Mixer

5 Gallon Bucket Mixer


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Quick Overview: 
  • 5 gallon bucket mixing made easy
  • Fits 3/8" (or larger) drill chucks
  • Ribbon style paddle for maximum efficiency
  • Save time and energy by using a 5 gallon bucket mixer to stir sealcoat sealer, cold crack filler, alligator patch or anything else that needs mixing in a 5 gallon bucket.

    Made from an all metal construction, simply insert the shaft into a drill and mix with ease!

    Our 5 gallon bucket mixer has a ribbon style paddle that helps create a vortex style of material flow, and this results in a larger area of product being stirred for maximum efficiency.

    Drill Chuck size: 3/8" or larger
    Overall length: 15-3/4"

    *Note: The cap on top of the mixer (shown in the image), is simply a rubber hanger. It can be easily pulled off and discarded, or saved for hanging in your work area when you're done using the mixer.

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    Works with:

    • Big A Asphalt Sealer
    • Big A Crack Filler
    • Big A Alligator Patch
    • Big A Tack Kote


      Drill Chuck Requirement: 
      3/8" or larger
      Shaft Diameter: 
      Shaft Length: 
      Ribbon Diameter: 
      3-5/8" (max)
      Ribbon Length: 

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