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45lb Technisoil 5-Year Freeway Heavy Traffic Pothole Patch

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Technisoil 45lb 5-Year Asphalt Patch
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Quick Overview: 
  • Cold applied asphalt pothole patch
  • 3/8" and smaller aggregate stones
  • 2-part quick cure plasticomposite formula
  • Perfect for 1/2" or deeper asphalt potholes
  • Easy to use 45lb kit is perfect for home or business needs


Looking for maximum performance, longevity and quality in a cold pothole patch?

When you need a quick fix product and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) isn't easy to get, the Technisoil 5-Year Pothole Patch is your best answer to this problem.

Designed with runway maintenance in mind, the Technisoil 5-Year Pothole Patch can handle up to 6500PSI of force, making it ideal for quick freeway and highway fixes, runways, or military heavy equipment roads.

Based on the same concept as the Technisoil TrowelPave SpeedSet product, the 5-Year Pothole Patch is also a 2-part plasticomposite binder system that is more enhanced than the TrowelPave, allowing it to cure 5 times faster.

What's in the 2-part system?  Part 1 = Aggregate, Part 2 = Binder.  When the aggregate and binder mix together and the binder is exposed to ambient air temp and ambient moisture, it hardens, creating a much stronger bond than traditional cold patches.  Note: The binder is shipped inside the bucket.

Where you'll want to use this product is with large open potholes with flat walls or cut asphalt.  The 5-Year Pothole Patch has larger stones, up to 3/8" which gives it maximum pressure rating and makes it ideal as a heavy duty road, runway or driveway pothole patch.  If you're looking for slower cure times and smaller stones for smoothing and shaping the product for a beautiful finish, take a look at the TrowelPave Asphalt SpeedSet line instead.

Tips & Tricks

Allowing Traffic

If you need to open the area back up to traffic immediately after installation, you will want to compact the area with a vibratory plate compactor.  This will handle straight through traffic without causing issues.  If you need to immediately open the area to turning traffic, grab a piece of plywood and spray a non-sticking oil or pam cooking spray (yes, we went there...) on the bottom side of the plywood and place it over the patched area.  Give the area about an hour to fully cure before removing the plywood.

Cold Weather

Make sure you don't store the binder or tack coat where it can freeze.  That said, the product CAN be used down to around 28-30º F without a problem, just make sure it is kept warmer than freezing before mixing.

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Aggregate Weight


Aggregate Size

3/8" and smaller

Recommended Use (1/2" or deeper)

Flat wall potholes, asphalt cut-outs

Time to traffic

Immediate (after compaction)

Cure Times

Time to straight traffic (Compacted)


Time to straight traffic (Hand Tamped)

30 minutes

Time to turning traffic (Compacted


Time to turning traffic (Hand Tamped

)1 hr



.38 cu ft per bucket

2" Thick

2.28 sq ft

1" Thick

4.56 sq ft

3/4" Thick

6.08 sq ft

1/2" Thick

9.12 sq ft

1/4" Thick

18.24 sq ft


Binder shelf life unopened

2 years

Binder shelf life opened

6 months

Storage Requirement

Keep from freezing; keep away from direct sunlight


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Shipping Weight
Weight: 48 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 14 in × 14 in × 16 in