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25lb Technisoil 5-Year Freeway Runway Asphalt Pothole Patch

Quick Overview: 
  • Cold applied asphalt pothole patch
  • 3/8" and smaller aggregate stones
  • 2-part quick cure plasticomposite formula
  • Perfect for 3/4" or deeper asphalt potholes
  • Easy to use 25lb kit is perfect for home or business needs
Technisoil 25lb 5-Year Asphalt Patch
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Looking for maximum performance, longevity and quality in a cold pothole patch?

When you need a quick fix product and Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) isn't easy to get, the Technisoil 5-Year Pothole Patch is your best answer to this problem.

Designed with runway maintenance in mind, the Technisoil 5-Year Pothole Patch can handle up to 6500PSI of force, making it ideal for quick freeway and highway fixes, runways, or military heavy equipment roads.

Based on the same concept as the Technisoil TrowelPave SpeedSet product, the 5-Year Pothole Patch is also a 2-part plasticomposite binder system that is more enhanced than the TrowelPave, allowing it to cure 5 times faster.

Where you'll want to use this product is with large open potholes with flat walls or cut asphalt.  The 5-Year Pothole Patch has larger stones, up to 3/8" which gives it maximum pressure rating and makes it ideal as a heavy duty road, runway or driveway pothole patch.  If you're looking for a slower cure time and smaller stones for smoothing and shaping the product for a beautiful finish, take a look at the TrowelPave line instead.


Shipping Weight
Weight: 26 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 14 in × 14 in × 16 in