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Crafco HP Asphalt Cold Patch Single Bag For Asphalt Hole Repairs 34977

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Crafco HP Asphalt Cold Patch 50 lb Bag
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Quick Overview: 
  • Single 50lb bag
  • Cold patch for asphalt pot holes and asphalt repair
  • Approved as a high-performance patch material in most states


Crafco is a leading name in the asphalt industry and we're proud to offer their premium HP Asphalt Cold Patch for asphalt repairs.

Whether it’s repairing utility cuts or patching reoccurring potholes, HP Asphalt Cold Patch is rapidly becoming the material of choice. When hot patch isn't readily available or a quick fix is needed, the HP Asphalt Cold Patch is a fantastic alternative to repair an area of asphalt and does a much better job compared to the competition.

Designed to be used in a wide range of temperatures an climates, the HP Asphalt Cold Patch is a great product to have on hand for those quick jobs and situations that always seem to pop up when you least expect it. HP Asphalt Cold Patch is approved as a high-performance patching material in most states and other user agencies within the United States.

HP Asphalt Cold Patch is permanent, fully guaranteed against any failure, comes in an easy-to-open bag, and most important, does the job right the first time.

Sold as a single 50 lb bag which is perfect for small one-off jobs.


  • Works in all weather conditions; wet, cold or hot

  • Approved, used and tested by utilities and states nationwide

  • Easy to use bags prevent waste and saves money

  • No mixing, mechanical compaction or tacking

  • Cost effective with no messy clean-up or time constraints

  • Permanently adheres to asphalt, concrete or steel

  • Perfect for bridge, drain, utility cuts and cutter work

  • Patch will not release, eliminates milling before re-paving

  • Use at any temperature, or in any weather condition

  • Open to traffic immediately - no raveling or rutting

  • No heating, mixing or tacking required

  • Permanent, no milling or patch release - ever

  • Remains pliable from at below freezing temperatures

  • Adheres to concrete, steel and asphalt in wet and bitter cold, snow or summer heat



Weight Per Bag

50 lbs


.33 cubic ft per 50lb bag (1' x 1' x 4" OR 2' x 2' x 1")




Asphalt / Concrete Repair (see HP Concrete Cold Patch for use on concrete repairs)

50lb Usage Guide

Hole Dimension


Total Bags Needed

2' x 2'



2' x 2'



2' x 2'



3' x 4'



3' x 5'



3' x 3'



Instructions Overview

Clean out the pothole or area to be repaired. Remove all loose debris and clean and square the edges, if possible. Larger potholes, or utility cuts, should be filled in no more than 2" lifts, using HP Asphalt Cold Patch. Compaction of each 2" lift of HP is highly recommended. In some soil conditions, it may be necessary to place sufficient material to form a 1/2" crown to allow for latent compaction by traffic. (In soft sub-base conditions, settlement may occur and additional HP can be added later to bring the repair to level with the existing pavement surface.)


Material and Safey Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS):
Technical Data Sheet:
Shipping Weight
Weight: 50 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 16 in × 16 in × 18 in