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Solvent Oil Based Line Paint

Solvent oil-based line paint with alkyd resins, including premium grade federal spec paints that are shipped to you direct. Use for striping parking lot lines, painting curbs or marking highways, our solvent oil-based line paint is ideal for any professional job.

image of a 5 gallon bucket of TTP-115 Type I solvent paint


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  • Contractor grade solvent oil based paint
  • US Federal Specification TT-P-115F Type I
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Perfect for line striping, car-stops, road makings and curbs
image of a 5 gallon bucket of TTP-115 Type II chlorinated rubber alternative paint


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  • Perfect for curb marking, parking lines or traffic arrows
  • US Federal specification TT-P-115F Type II
  • Solvent based paint
  • Fast drying times
image of a 5 gallon pail of high performance hybrid paint


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  • Withstands Very Tough Traffic Requirements
  • Durable enough for Race Tracks
  • Solvent Based Hybrid Paint
  • Fast drying times
image representation of a 5 gallon bucket of PolyCoat solvent based clearcoat


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  • Clear Coat for parking or warehouse lines
  • Works on asphalt or concrete, streets, curbs, parking lots or warehouses
  • No thinning required making it ready-to-use
  • Extremely durable
image of a 5 gallon bucket of plastec solvent based cold thermoplastic paint


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  • Cold applied thermoplastic
  • Solvent based with fast cure times
  • Can be sprayed in conventional airless line stripers
  • Perfect alternative to hot applied thermoplastic
image representation of a 5 gallon pail of Toluene


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  • Fast evaporating solvent
  • Works better and faster than Mineral Spirits
  • Perfect for general cleaning or paint thinning
image of a pile of reflective glass beads on a dark background, showing reflectivity contrast


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  • US Federal Specification TT-B-1325D Type 1
  • Use with water based paints, solvent / oil based paints or thermoplastic paints
  • Choose between singles, half pallet (20) or a full pallet (40)
  • Apply by hand or dispenser to wet paint


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  • US Specification TT-B-1325D Type 3
  • High visibility reflective paint markings
  • Especially designed for runway and taxiway markings
  • Choose between singles, half pallet (20) or a full pallet (40)
image of a 1 gallon container of GT Cleaner Paint Remover


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  • 1 Gallon container for home or contractor use
  • Cleans paint application machines and equipment
  • Perfect for overspray and buildup
  • Won't strip exisitng factory paint job