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Federal Spec TT-B-1325D Type 3 Airport Glass Beads

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  • US Specification TT-B-1325D Type 3
  • High visibility reflective paint markings
  • Especially designed for runway and taxiway markings
  • Choose between singles, half pallet (20) or a full pallet (40)
Type 3 Airport Glass Beads
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Federal Specification TT-B-1325D Type 3 (Type III) high index reflective glass beads have become the FAAs glass bead of choice for airport runways. Night visibility is important and the TT-B-1325D Type 3 specification is designed to make the line markings on runways and taxiways even safer and continues to push the boundaries of reflective paint.

We sell a lot of line marking paint to airports across the country and the demand for a cost-effective Type 3 glass bead is always at the forefront of our sales calls. That's why we are more than happy to offer a 50lb bag that is priced right for the professionals and airport managers who need it. In addition, with an ROI index above 1.9, our glass beads will meet or exceed the TT-B-1325D Type III Federal Specification for airport runway and taxiway reflective paint requirements.

For most airports, especially small airports, you can get away with using Type 1 glass beads which is a lower index of refraction with a wider field of view. There are some airports, usually larger ones that prefer to use the higher index of refraction Type 3 glass beads. If you're unsure what you need, double check with your specification requirements but we are under the impression that it is up to the airport managers personal preference whether you need Type I or Type III. You can review the Report to Congress document in our literature tab above for more information on this decision.

You can figure to use approximately 5 to 6 pounds of glass beads, for every 1 gallon of paint.

Cost Analysis

The one big question we get about this product, is: "Why is it so much more expensive?"

The Type III specification from the US Federal Government, dictates that it must be a "High Index of Refraction". In most cases, this requires virgin glass, with no specific ingredients added to the manufacturing process. In contrast, Type I glass beads MUST be made from reclaimed scrap glass (soda lime cullet). Recycled glass is a lot easier and cheaper to manufacture than virgin glass when you're considering quality is the most important factor in Type III glass beads. Type 3 glass beads are also slightly larger in size than its Type 1 counterpart.

You can also rest easy in knowing that our Type 3 airport beads come from US based manufacturing and distribution companies that pride themselves on quality products.

Unless you absolutely need Type 3 glass beads as dictated by federal specifications, or you need a narrow window of very high index of refraction, you might want to take a look at our Type I glass beads and save a ton of money.

Order Quantities

Singles: Our single bags are 50lbs.

Half Pallet: 20 bags @ 1000lbs

Full Pallet: 40 bags @ 2000lbs



Single Bag Size (by weight)

50 lbs

Half Pallet Size

20 x 50 lb bags (1000 lbs)

Full Pallet Size

40 x 50 lb bags (2000 lbs)


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Single Bag Size (by weight)

50 lbs

Half Pallet Size

20 x 50 lb bags (1000 lbs)

Full Pallet Size

40 x 50 lb bags (2000 lbs)

Size Options

Single Bag Size

50 lbs

Half Pallet Size

20 x 50 lb bags (1000 lbs)

Full Pallet Size

40 x 50 lb bags (2000 lbs)


1 lb linear

10ft @ 4" line width

10 lb linear

100ft @ 4" line width

50 lb bag yield linear

500 ft @ 4" line width

1 lb square

3.33 sq ft

10 lb square

33.3 sq ft

50 lb bag yield square

166.5 sq ft


Coverage yield may vary based on application method. Listed coverages are for a general idea only.

Bead size ranges for AASHTO Type 1

Size (Mesh)


Size (Microns)


Size (mm)

0.85 - 0.15

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 50 lb
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