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Road and Highway Reflective Type I Glass Beads Full Pallet TT-B-1325D

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Type 1 Reflective Paint Glass Bead Full Pallet
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Liftgate service will move the item from the bed of the truck, to the ground ONLY. You must have a way to handle it on the ground. If you have a forklift, you don't need liftgate service which saves you money.
Quick Overview: 
  • US Federal Spec TT-B-1325D Type I
  • Use with water based paints, solvent / oil based paints or thermoplastic paints
  • Ideal for large contractors and municipalities with big projects
  • Get 2000 lbs of glass beads shipped on a pallet with 50 lb bags


Are you a large contractor or municipality who needs bulk quantities of glass beads?

The Federal specification TT-B-1325D Type 1 glass beads we offer, are perfect for and roads and highways where retroreflectivity spec is required. These glass beads can either be applied by hand to freshly painted surfaces or it can be used with a line striping dispenser to be applied with the paint.

Buying a full pallets at a time of 40 bags is a must have for large road and highway folks with big projects on the horizon.

Comparing This Product? Make sure you look at the glass bead bag weight when you're comparing prices. It might even make more sense to compare the price per pound when figuring up cost.

These beads can be used with oil / solvent based alkyd paint, water based paint or thermoplastic extrude.

If you apply the glass beads manually by hand, simply sprinkle the beads over the fresh paint. You will need to make sure it is applied while the paint is still wet, otherwise the beads won't stick or will wear away much faster, leaving you with a very low quality job and a customer who might find someone else to do it next time. Also, if you're applying it by hand, you might be interested in our glass bead dispenser which also includes a wide diffuser attachment.

You can figure to use approximately 5 to 6 pounds of glass beads, for every 1 gallon of paint.

Looking for truckoad bids?  Don't hesitate to contact us for a bid on large quantities +1(800) 689-2098

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Bag Size


Pallet Quantity


Product Weight


Specification Type

TT-B-1325D Type 3

Refractive Index

Class A acc. to EN 1423

Bulk Weight

~ 1,6 – 1,8 g/cm3

Hazardous Substances

As, Pb, Sb – Class 1 (< 200 ppm)


Dry and sheltered; Can be stored for 24 months in the original container


1 lb linear

10ft @ 4" line width

10 lb linear

100ft @ 4" line width

50 lb bag yield linear

500 ft @ 4" line width

1 lb square

3.33 sq ft

10 lb square

33.3 sq ft

50 lb bag yield square

166.5 sq ft


Coverage yield may vary based on application method. Listed coverages are for a general idea only.

Bead size ranges for AASHTO Type 1

Size (Mesh)

20 - 100

Size (Microns)

850 - 150

Size (mm)

0.85 - 0.15


Shipping Weight
Weight: 2050 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 48 in × 48 in × 38 in