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Titan PowrLiner Glass Bead Dispenser Kit

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Closeup image of the 4 to 6 inch glass bead dispenser
Closeup image of the Titan Powrliner Glass Bead Dispenser Kit
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Titan Glass Bead Dispenser Kit
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Quick Overview: 
  • Addon Glass Bead Dispenser Kit
  • Fits Titan PowrLiner 4950, 6950 and 8950
  • Offered as a 1 gun or 2 gun dispenser kit
  • Dispense glass beads while you stripe


Titan offers a glass bead dispenser that fits their PowrLiner 4950, 4955, 6950, 6955, 8950 and 8955 line striping machines. We sell both the 1 gun kit and 2 gun kit which provides you with a far superior way of spreading glass beads for your line striping jobs. This dispenser system will save you both time and money from the traditional ways of spreading glass beads by hand or through a hand-held dispenser. No more wasting glass beads and no more "hurry up and paint so you can hurry up and throw down glass beads!"

The Titan glass bead dispenser sits right behind the spray gun and drops glass beads directly onto the paint after it is sprayed. This add-on kit can be purchased for either a 1 gun line striping setup or 2 gun setup and it comes with a hopper for your line striping machine to hold the glass beads.

When you're ready to install your glass bead dispensing system, come back and watch this great install tutorial below, provided by Titan.

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1 Gun Kit for 4-6" Lines


2 Gun Kit for 4-6" Lines



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  • Adds glass beads while spraying instead of having to spread later

  • Great for creating reflective markings for higher visibility

  • Floating gun mount keeps the dispenser at the proper heights from the surface for perfect applications over rough terrain



1 Gun

Kit with Hopper for 4" - 6" Lines

2 Gun

Kit with Hopper for 4" - 6" Lines

Shipping Weight
Weight: 28 lb
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Dimensions: 36.5 in × 20.5 in × 9.5 in