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2 Ton BIG A KM-4000 Skid Mount Propane Asphalt Hot Box For Pickup Trucks

Quick Overview: 
  • 4,000 lb (2 ton) 1.39 cubic yard capacity
  • Designed to Slide-In to the bed of a pickup truck
  • Temperature control between 100º F and 350º F
  • Perfect for new hot mix, reclaiming bulk mix, recycling used shillings or warming cold patch
2 Ton BIG A Propane Slide-In Asphalt Hot Box
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The BIG A KM-4000SXPX is a 2 ton capacity skid mount slide-in asphalt hot box that is a great addition for small municipalities or asphalt contractors who need a smaller yet fully functional hot box for use in a standard pickup truck bed. The BIG A KM-4000 comes with an array of options to choose from so the price shown for this product may not reflect all of the whistles and bells, however, you are free to mix and match the options that make the most sense for your needs. Call for a full breakdown [phone:number]

Use the BIG A KM-4000SXPX to hold up to 2 tons (4,000 lbs) of virgin hot asphalt mix from the plant, reclaiming bulk stored hot asphalt mix, cold patch, or for recycling and re-conditioning used asphalt shilling. You will find this unit is a very economical and versatile hot box setup.

If you are a smaller asphalt contractor or municipality and don’t have the need for a larger trailer mounted hot box, then our 2-ton propane Truck Mounted Asphalt Hot Box may be what you’re looking for. This slide-in propane model is ideal for smaller asphalt repairs and is designed to slide in the bed of any 1 ton or larger pickup truck, and has all the great features that our larger models have too.

Using a slide-in Asphalt Hot Box is a convenient method of carrying HMA and keeping it at a workable temperature for up to two days. This feature saves you time and money by not needing to completely use up a load in one day or needing to make frequent trips to the asphalt plant. Many professional asphalt repair contractors add Asphalt Rejuvenator to the HMA and RAP which helps the asphalt mix stay pliable. We offer Asphalt Rejuvenator in a convenient five-gallon pail.

This Slide-In Asphalt Box features a single insulated lid with a single cantilever handle which makes it very easy to open from the ground, and a single shoveling port with inside walls tapered towards shovel port. The 58,000 BTU burner is thermostatically controlled, and the controls are mounted in a weather tight control box. Just like our Trailer Mounted Asphalt Reclaimers, this slid-in asphalt box is built tough using all welded steel triple wall 16 gauge skin, 20 gauge top and 14 gauge asphalt compartment with high-efficiency insulation making it very energy efficient.


The BIG A KM-4000SXPX comes with triple wall construction ranging from 14 gauge to 20 gauge steel that will not only stand up to years of abuse from hot asphalt, but also has 2" to 3" of high efficiency fiberglass insulation and an aluminum reflective wall around the shell that can maintain hot mix asphalt for a period of up to 72 hours.


The BIG A KM-4000SXPX designed as a gravity fed unit with slanted walls and floor that allow easy discharge of asphalt patch by funneling the material towards the shoveling door. The shoveling door is a single insulated vertical sliding door located towards the lower center portion of the hot box rear.

Fuel & Heating

The BIG A KM-4000SXPX is a propane fired model which allows you to carry additional propane bottles with you. This unit comes with two (2) 30 lb propane bottles to get you started.

Heating is a piece of cake with a thermostat that can control from 100º F to 350º F, allowing a wide range of control to allow you to warm up cold patch on really cold days or maintain optimum temperatures of hot mix asphalt patch. It can also reclaim bulk stored virgin mix overnight.

The thermostat is housed within a weatherproof control box and the heating system has a full safety shut off in case of any problems.


1 Year Limited

This product comes with a 1 year (12 month) limited warranty from the time of purchase.

Parts that are not explicitly made by this manufacturer, may come with a different warranty period or policy. See this products respective operations manual for a detailed version of the warranty policy and a full list of items that are covered or may become void due to improper maintenance.


  • Heat Retention: Triple wall constructed with high efficiency insulation

  • Temperature Control: Thermostatically controlled for higher fuel efficiency

  • Cost Savings: Maintain hot mix asphalt for a period of 72 Hours or reclaim bulk stored virgin hot mix asphalt

  • Fuel Type: Propane Fired (includes two (2) 30 lb propane bottles)


  • Propane Bottle Rack that holds two (2) 30lb LP bottles

  • "Extended Pigtales" = Longer propane lines



Asphalt Capacity

2 Ton - 4,000 lbs (approx 1.39 cubic yards)


All welded steel; 16 gauge skin, 20 gauge top and 14 gauge asphalt compartment


2″ - 3″ of high efficiency fiberglass insulation plus reflective metal lines the entire box for heating economy


Heating Element

60,000 BTU propane

Fuel Type



100 – 350º F


Electric ignition with full shut down safety capacity


Filling Door

Fully insulated lid that opens for easy filling

Shoveling Port

Sliding door opens allowing asphalt to be shoveled

Unit Specifications


72″ L x 54″ W x 44″ H


820 lbs

Shipping Weight
Weight: 900 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 80 in × 62 in × 52 in