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Marshalltown 30 Inch Long Handle Mag Lute Rake RED700232-84

image: Smooth Edge Asphalt Lute Rake with 84 inch Handle
SKU: RED700232-84
Marshalltown 30" Long Handle Mag Lute Rake
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Quick Overview: 
  • 30" Mag Lute / Rake head
  • Includes 84" wooden handle


Smooth Edge Combination Long Mag Lute Rake

This is our most popular 30" Smooth Edge Combination Long Handled Mag Lute Rate. It includes a 30" magnesium blade rake with a 84" wooden handle which is perfect for pulling hot asphalt mix out of an asphalt hot box.

Use this long mag lute rake to smooth new asphalt over potholes to prepare for compacting with a tamper, roller or plate compactor.

This combination rake is also used to scrape the surface of the asphalt, easily removing debris making the clean up easier.

Alternative Part Number: 24569


  • 84" long reach handle

  • Durable lightweight magnesium head

  • Square to round wood handle for better grip

  • Used for smoothing and leveling asphalt prior to compacting




84" (7') Wooden


30" (2.5')

Shipping Weight
Weight: 6 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 86 in × 6 in × 6 in