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A-110MDS Mastic Melting Kettle Skid Mount Asphalt Crack And Joint Melter

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SKU: Bucket Mixing Kit
100 Gallon Mastic Melter Skid
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Quick Overview: 
  • Skid mounted mastic melter
  • Beckett diesel burner
  • Holds up to 100 gallons of material
  • Perfect for street, highway, parking lot and bike path asphalt repairs


If you're looking at getting into the mastic repair industry and want something a little bigger than 55 gallons but not quite ready for a 240-gallon trailer unit, this 100-gallon mastic melting kettle skid unit is a fantastic balance between price and usability.

With this premium skid mount mastic melting kettle, you can melt up to 100 gallons of mastic material that is heated through a stainless steel fire-tube chamber separated by stainless baffles.  The heat tube is spaced 2-3 inches below the kettle tub which provides even-heating to the tub and ensures there won't be any hot-spots that can ruin the material.

Fitted with an automatic agitation system as well as a temperature control system, this allows you to focus on adding material and installing it.

On the rear of the A-110MDS is a 6-inch wide chute for plenty of mastic rubber flow.

This unit is sold as a Diesel version however we offer a propane version and different sizes.  If you're interested in the propane version or want to find out what other sizes we can offer, call today for details +1(800) 689-2098

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Shipping Weight
Weight: 300 lb
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Dimensions: 52 in × 38 in × 36 in