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240 Gallon Mastic Melter Trailer For Street Repair Diesel Fired A-240MPT

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Overview of the A-240MPT Mastic Melter
240 Gallon Diesel Fired Mastic Melter Trailer
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Quick Overview: 
  • Trailer mounted mastic melter
  • Two Beckett burners fueled by diesel
  • Holds up to 240 gallons of material
  • Perfect for street, highway or parking lot asphalt repairs


Are you a street repair contractor or city maintenance manager looking for a better way to fill large cracks and spans in asphalt?  Mastic rubber has been around for decades, but it is a hidden secret among the top paving folks for filling cracks in street and highway asphalt.

If you aren't familiar with mastic, it's the same rubber you're used to, with aggregate mixed in and pours out as a thick, very durable material.  It's perfect for wide crack spans or smoothing out grounded asphalt.  The application is fast, easy, and leaves a much better product when finished.

If you're in the market for a professional mastic melter, the A-240MPT is designed for melting repair mastics with aggregate on a larger scale than what you would get with the smaller skid units.

This unit features a full sweep agitator with automatic temperature controls to ensure the material is kept within a specific temperature. Temperatures can be dialed in anywhere between 0ºF and 500ºF ensuring you have the exact temperature you need for the material used.

The A-240MPT has a unique air-jacketed design that allows for exceptionally quick heating of material which can't be said for oil-jacketed units.  It is also designed to prevent "hot spots" that are the most common problem for direct-fired melters that commonly burn rubber and require direct fire materials.  Since this unit heats the air around the heating element instead of heating the kettle directly, it is a completely safe alternative to oil-jacketed designs that are slow to heat and designed with a lot that can go wrong.  You'll save money up-front but also longterm with lower maintenance costs.  For more information on oil-jacketed vs air-jacketed vs direct fire, check out our comparison guide.

With the A-240, you'll get a 240-gallon mastic melter on a trailer.  The 2 SCH-80 stainless steel heat tubes and baffle system extend the entire length of the kettle tub and sit approx 2-3 inches below the tub, creating an excellent heating chamber that is far superior to other similar designs.  This design keeps direct flames off of the kettle tub which in-turn prevents hot-spots that can burn the material.  Poorly designed melters that directly heat the bottom of the kettle (direct-fire) are known to overheat materials that have a narrow temperature rating.

In addition, this mastic melter has automatic agitation which keeps the material mixed and ensures an even distribution of heat.  It also comes standard with thermostat controls so you can dial in the desired temperature and walk away. While it is totally possible to add material while the agitation system is running, we recommend taking the safe approach and shutting off the agitation to add material. If you do choose to disregard the safety warnings, please be extremely careful adding material while the agitation is running.

We sell this melter as a diesel unit but we also offer a propane version as well as smaller and larger sizes.  If you're interested in propane or a different size, call us for details and quotes +1(800) 689-2098


  • Hassle free 6 Inch wide material drain

  • Stainless steel fire tubes

  • Dual loading doors

  • Quick-to-temp air-jacketed design

  • No more messy heat transfer oils

  • Electric brakes are standard

  • Automatic temperature controls

  • Full Sweep Hydraulic Agitator

  • Heavy Duty Design

  • Hookup and go!




240 US Gallons


Hydraulic /w auto shut-off


9.0 HP Kubota Diesel


2 x Beckett Diesel

Temperature Controls

Included controls can be dailed in anywhere from 0ºF - 500ºF

Kettle Details

Inner Shell

1/4" Rolled Steel

Outer Shell

3/16" Rolled Steel

Insulation Jacket

1" super high temp. plus 2" high temp

Trailer Details


4" Drop Axle


Tandom (2) @ 3500 lb. per axle


Qty 4 | 8.00 x 15"


4" Steel Channel



Tow Hitch

As ordered /w Safety Chains (2)

Unit Specifications


198"L x 74"W x 70"H



Shipping Weight
Weight: 3500 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 214 in × 52 in × 74 in