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Stationary Agitated 55 Gallon Mastic Joint Sealer Melter Kettle

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Pro-Patch 55
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55 Gallon Hot Mastic Stationary Melter
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55 Gallon Stationarity Mastic Melter Kettle is designed to be mounted on a flatbed truck or trailer and used with the Big A Mastic Joint Melter/Applicator. This special purpose Melter is capable of melting pre-formed blocks of asphalt mastic joint sealer to the optimum application temperature and the hydraulic agitation ensures that the material will be well mixed while being heated in preparation for transferring to the Melter/applicator.

Key Features

Triple wall construction

Heating Efficiency: Thermostatically controlled heating system allows for accurate heating of the material

Fuel Efficiency: Uses half the amount of propane as direct fire melters

Heat Retention: Air-Jacketed unit with high-efficiency insulation

Easy Pour: 2” flow valve extends out either side of the machine for easy filling of rubber applicator Includes utility hand torch to heat flow valve, tools, pour pots, etc. The material is ready to use in 45 minutes – 1 hour

55 Gallon Stationary Mastic Melter


  • Triple wall construction

  • Heating Efficiency: Thermostatically controlled heating system allows for accurate heating of material

  • Heat Retention: Air Jacketed unit with high efficiency insulation

  • Agitation: 360˚ agitation paddle. The universal handle can be placed on either side of the machine




55 Gallon


16 gauge Skin, 14 gauge Funnel, 20 gauge Lid


High efficiency insulation with reflective metal


Yes (Hydraulic driven)



Heating Element

60,000 BTU Propane heating system

Unit Specifications

Unit Dimensions

86.5” L x 33" W x 34" H

Unit Weight

585 Lb. (Unloaded) 1435 Lbs. (Loaded)

Shipping Weight
Weight: 350 lb
Shipping Dimensions
Dimensions: 77 in × 34 in × 34 in